Bugaboo Chameleon, Quinny Buzz, Icandy Apple????

Hi everyone,

I was hoping for a bit of advice. Me and oh are off to buy our first pushchair this week and really are a bit clueless about it all.
We have looked at several, Quinny Buzz 4 and the icandy apple but the one we both really are swaying towards is the Bugaboo Chameleon.
It is more expensive than the others and what I really wanted to know is whether the extra cost is worth it? Does anyone have any experience of these pushchairs, good or bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks xxx


  • I've got the chameleon and it is brilliant. One thing to bear in mind when working out the cost is that the bugaboo includes a carrycot which I don't think the other two do. I think it depends a little bit what you are going to use it for whether it is worth the extra money. The bugaboo is much better off road than the other two which was important to me but wouldn't be important to everyone. It would take me all day to tell you everything I love about it but some of the best bits for me!

    The seat is quite high, when lo gets bigger it can double up as a high chair when you are out and they can sit to the table.
    The seat faces both ways
    The seat is as comfy for a toddler as a little baby, I use mine for both my 2 year old and my 6 month old depending on what we are doing.
    I find it really easy to fold and unfold, although there is a knack to it and it is quite big when folded
    It is really light and easy to steer, I can easily push it with one hand.

    I know there are several people on here with both the Quinny as well so hopefully someone else will be able to give you the good points for that as well!
  • I have a bugaboo and second what bedhead has said. I love mine to bits and wouldn;t swap it for the world, its just such a fab buggy I don't have anything bad to say about it!
  • Me third on the bugaboo... its brilliant, for going away its a great carrycot, my lo sleeps in it in the day, its good on the buses, easy to steer... i love it!!!

    also I got a really good deal on internet.. still prciey but worth the money!

    good luck and enjoy choosing!
  • I have just got my bugaboo cameleon after 8 months of using my other useless ??700 m&p pram!! bugaboo is a dream i love it & i wish i'd gone for it from the beginning instead of the other one image
    i took my friends daughter shopping with me she is 16 months & i had my eye on the winny but couldn't even get the straps round her when she had her winter coat on & even with strap extenders there was no room for her feet they reached the bottom! put me right off. the bug is expensive but well worth it & resale value is still high xx

    ps search on ebay for baby pages this is where we got our bug & it arrived within 2 days, 2 days before xmas & we live in northern ireland! excellent serbice & ??60 odd cheaper than mothercare xx
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