Sick Bug??

I posted about going to the hospital with the boys last night. Well, they werent entirely helpful, although im still glad we went. I think they couldnt tell us stuff rather than wouldnt iykwim.

Anyway, the boys threw up EVERYTHING they took in yesterday, milk, food and fluid. This includes their nighttime bottle which we watered down as recommended by dr.

Fast Forward to 4am and they wake pretty hungry. We gave them their normal morning bottle which they gulped down, then bought SOME back again.

They slept for an hour, then woke and appeared hungry again so gave them some Jelly (wanted to try and get some fluid into them and they love jelly!) They ate all this and so far Alfie has bought the lot back up by Ryan hasnt, YET!

What do I do? The lady on NHS direct said not to starve them, and they seem hungry, but they just cant keep anything down!? For anyone whos LO has had a sickness bug, how long did it last and what did you give them?? I should point out that, with the exception of being extremely tired, they arent really much different in themselves.

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 9.5 months


  • Hi Gemma,

    We're just going through a similar thing with our DS. We're through tthe worse of it but it was pretty distressing to say the least so I now what you're going through.

    My DS got viral gastroenteritis I think from nursery or a birthday party he went to where there were lots of kids. He wouldn't keep anything down, just sick it all back up. His nappies were really bad too just watery diarrhea. the sickness went after about 36 hours. his nappies are returning to normal although slightly mushy. I took him to see the nurse practioner who said to carry on with his feeding routine as normal and not to worry if he throws back up. Keep offering water throughout the day so as not to dehydrate. I rang NHS Direct who said pretty much the same thing. I rang the out of hours GP and he said to try and limit his dairy as this can exacerbate an already sensitive stomach. Offer only bland food, like bread/toast/bananas/ potato until stools return to a better consistency. After a day of following nurse's advice, I decided to to follow GP's and just give bottle in morning and bedtime and bland food in between and he seemed to improve almost straightaway keeping everything down.A little off his food but it's getting better by the day. Like your lo's, he's alright in himself, just a little more tired more than usual which is no surprise as not feeding as well.

    i also bought some dioralyte, rehydration salts which you put in cooled boiled water to ensure that he was not getting dehydrated.

    Hope they get well soon hun. An other questions,please ask xxx
  • Hi Gemma

    Dylan had a sick bug nearly 3 weeks ago. He was being sick about 12ish hours, my gp advised to avoid solids as it makes the bug last longer as they are harder to bring up and vomitting is how they get rid of it. (that and giving it mummy, daddy and grandma in Dylans case :lolimage

    He brought everything he had in him for that 12 hours, the other 12 hours he slept. He was however sleepy and more sicky for the next 5 days, but he wasn't vomitting anywhere near as much as he was more little bits after his milk, nappies were also interesting due to milk only diet I think mainly.

    I found plenty of sleep, bottles and cuddles was the only thing that helped. Its not pleasant and the fact you have it twice over means its doubly hard I hope that both boys get over this bug quickly

    have to run Dylans climbing up my leg!

  • Hi Gemma,

    Everyone in our house had it, except DS, not sure how he managed that but small mercies. For the adults the worst of the symtpoms went vomit and runs went in about 24 hours but only if we ate nothingt - not really an option for 2 young babies.

    I saw another person on another thread suggest baby diorlyte to help with hydration. Sure chemist would be able to advise if you can give it to them.

    Hope they feel better soon xxx
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