Letters for Nursery

Anyone know where i can get those nice fabric covered letters to spell out childs name for their Nursery. I want to get them for my niece she is one this month and her mum is moving her out into her own room as she is expecting number 2 image

Thks xx


  • I bought some off eBay in red polka, and was really pleased!

    The seller was nurserytreasures123 but it was over a year ago and she seems not to do them anymore, You could ask, but there are plenty of people who do make them on eBay!

    Em x
  • We got ours from Blooming Marvellous x
  • I got ours from mamas and papas
  • We ve just got this...


    A slightly different take on it, but v cute never the less. It was custom made!

    Em x
  • We bought the polysterene letters (just google them) and then got my MIL to cover them in fabric we had chosen x
  • there is a mummy who is a be member - she is on facebook under Amy's Personalised Crafts and she has a website too.

    All amys things are handmade and gorgeous - i got toby letters and love them - i am also slightly addicted to her gifts and have bought many other items.

    All items are even packed with love! Check her out she is brill x
  • We got ours from mamas & papas
  • I got the mamas and papas one but ordered them from very.com using the discount code that someone posted a couple of weeks back (thanks) ??25 off when you spend ??40 so I got ryan's 4 letters and a set of socks for ??15 rather than ??36 for the letters! They're not fabric but foxinsocks in bimay is in the middle of setting up her site making lovely letters (have a look at her post in may) unfortunately I'd already ordered mine image
  • Hi, has she still got any of your niece's old clothes? I made some for dd using some of her old clothes that i really loved her in. I know i could have passed them on but i thought it would be a nice thing for her to see when she's older and i can remember how cute she looked in favorite clothes every day!! I cut the letters out of thick cardboard then just covered them.
  • benjis mum - what a lovely idea just been wondering what to do with dd's things - probably pass on to a friend (two due at the end of the year so odds on one will be a girl), charity and keep some special ones. Would be nice to reuse some though. Thanks!
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