Midwife just rang....... deja vu!

Hey guys as you know im in the mothering way lol... in more thn one sence (feedind david with one hand atm) well the very same midwife who got me through pregnancy birth and my first 10 days is my midwife again lol!! I got my booking in Friday at 12!!! Yay get a scan date too, but its all a bit scary.. seems only yesterday...


  • It was only yesterday lol, but thats how I felt. I fell pregnant when Kelsie was 11 weeks and I too had the same MW'd throughout!! You never know Sando - It could be twins image

    Congrats again!

  • Hey! i didnt know you were in the mothering way! when did i miss that? congrats!! oh and good news about the midwife, that will put you at ease through your pregnancy!
  • she is lovely and i was a panicker, will make a nice change for her that im not on tender hooks lol
  • My midwife said she would see me in about a years time as she was signing me and Lily off! I told her no way, but secretly would love another baby and she was a lovely midwife! Am pleased you got on/get on with your midwife.
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