Too hot in car seat? Also in BIM

Hi ladies xx

Am I just being a worrier (aren't we all! lol) - but whenever I put lo in her carseat she just feels sooo hot when I take her out! She's four weeks old on Monday and so is very well encased in the seat with a head support too.

I dont have one of the pushchairs that uses the seat so she's rarely in it for long - today she was in it for about an hour and when I took her out she was bright red and had a sweaty back.

How on earth do you manage if you use the chair on a pushchair too and lo is in it longer?? How do you keep baby cooler?

We have a long journey to do next week to visit family and I worry about her over-heating?



  • My LO is the same sometimes. What is your LO wearing, could it be something as simple as wearing less layers? Alternatively, it may help to put a cotton sheet under her?
  • I don't really have an answer for you. But my lo is the same, now 21 weeks old. The newborn insert was more of the problem for us, so we were pleased when we could remove it. Also lo hated being sqashed in by it!

    Now I just don't put extra blankets on lo when he's in the car. If you're taking lo out regularly anyway, then not sure what else you can do. xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies x

    Today she just had a vest on with a dress over the top - no cardigan or tights, so I thought she'd be fairly cool really! Wrong! lol.

    Will just keep an eye on her and as you say mithical it will be better once we can remove the insert as she'll have more space for air to circulate around her head then.

  • Bless poor little thing. Sorry I don't have any suggestions, sounds like you're doing all you can?
    I still at 18 weeks find it so hard to know what to dress my LO in to keep her at a comfortable temperature. She seems to be like me and gets hot easily so although I love sunshine, I'm not a fan of hot summers.
  • Better sunshades could definitely be something to look at - will investigate!

    I'm like you mummyjackson - I love summer but am no sun worhsipper and if it's very hot I just get irritable lol - maybe she takes after me!

  • I have vehicle socks on my car after seeing them at the babyshow and they're already worth their weight in gold. They keep the back of the car in (almost) complete darkness and the best bit is you open the window still keeping them in the shade and without having to worry about any bugs flying in.
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