Getting me down :(

Hi Ladies

Ive mentioned this before but now im getting worried and parnoid

Amy is 6 and half months now and is so happy and content, sleeps through the night (well except when she cries for her dummy!) eats well and is developing brilliantly (she can sit on her own and roll over - nearly!)

She is a big baby i mean really big. She is already in 9-12 month clothes and has been on the 99.9th centile for months - although started on the 50th at birth but went up quickly even when breastfeeding

What is upsetting me is EVERYONE keeps telling me how big she is and 'wow isnt she huge' or 'God look at the size of her' makes me feel really pissed off all over Xmas relatives were saying 'dont worry she'll loose it when she gets active' even when we werent talking about her weight

I havent taken her to the hv to get weighed in about 6 weeks coz they made me feel shit and when they asked what i was feeding her I said she has 3 bottles (20oz a day) and 3 meals cereal, lunch which is normally sheppards pie and something like cauliflower cheese for tea with yogurt or friut - does that seem about right??????

coz the hv thought i was lying!!!

I just want someone to reassure me that Amy is fine and that she will lose it eventually

I am fed up with people looking at me as if i am over feeding her or that she is 'abnormal' in some way

sorry for the rant but it really upsets me image



  • Aw hun, how horrible! I'm sure your little girl is just fine, it's just that people always feel a need to comment about baby's weight!

    She sounds perfectly healthy to me! It's not like you're feeding her on junk food or biscuits so I can't see the problem. My eldest daughter at 6 months was on 3 bottles and 3-4 meals a day (and she had a pudding after at least one of those meals!)

    I know it's hard when you feel people are criticizing you because you have a big baby, but that is obviously just her build. My eldest never seemed to weigh a lot, was just about average, but she always looked really chubby. Now she's 20 months and since she's been walking she has really seemed to slim down so I think she's been burning off some of the baby fat.

    I'm sure you're doing a great job with your lo hun, try not to worry. xxx
  • hi hun,

    my lo is only 4 months and has lovely chubby cheeks and thighs, at the mo she is exclusively breastfed. she is in 3-6 months clothes from some shops and 6-9 from others. everyone says how big she is but i think generally people don't know how big babies are... and everyone is different, my best mate who is the same age as me is 6 inches taller and 1 stone lighter!!!

    I can understand it getting you down but as long as shes healthy and happy ignore them!!! youa re clearly a brillaint mum witha thriving baby...

    and as for the hv I have only taken my lo to be weighed twice since she was born.. its such a circus and I can see shes growing so i'm sure its fine!

    sending hugs, em xxx
  • One thing to remember as well, is these charts are designed to reflect babies who are solely on milk til 6 months (as far as I am aware lol) so with Amy also on 3 meals a day, it's no wonder she's high up on the scale!

    My eldest boy was always between the 75th & 99th centiles as a babe but by age 2-3 he had settled in-between the 50th & 75th centiles.
  • Its wonderful how people are always quick to criticize. One of my LO's aunts always calls him "fatty" which irritates the hell out of my DH as he is a big boy but not actually fat?!?!
    I def agree with the others...all people are diff & if your LO is happy & healthy then who are these people to comment?!?! Shame we can't say things back - i'd love to tell Dylan's aunty that she is a bit podgy every time i see her - lol!!
    I try really hard to let comments go over the top of my head, but i know that can be easier said than done.
    Sarah xx
  • That's horrible - all children are different just like adults!

    My lo is almost 8 months and I have just stopped getting these comments similar to what you have had. Everyone went on about how big he was (was born on 91st centile and followed it until about 6months) until recently, he is now on the 75th centile and quite tall so is skinny.

    Amy sounds like she has a healthy diet so really there's no need to worry, Gabe is fussy with solids and doesnt eat much but he has 4 or 5 bottles of 7oz so a lot more milk and over christmas he's been eating all sorts like choc fingers etc so im the bad mummy here not you, just cos your LO is healthy and putting on weight so the HV should be saying well done x x x
  • awww hun dont worry my little girl now 4 was like that but she is just a solid little girl she still is now she doesnt look chunky any more just solid people always used to say ooo i bet she likes her chips looking at her wtf!!!! she hated chips and lived on meat and veg meals still does now and she would rather have fruit over a pack of sweets!!i have just come to terms with she is a big kid due to no fault of her own or mine, least she is well and healthy ( well most of the time lol) is all that matter and im sure as she grows she will grow into her self , her auntie was the same till she hit puberty and now is a size 8 as it all just fell off her
  • i keep getting the same off my nan, my LO is 3 and a half months old and weighs 17lb 5.5oz but he doesn't look fat he's just big! my nan said to me 'can a baby put on too much weight?' and i said i suppose so if u feed them too much too often and she replied with 'will they tell you if hes being overfed cuz it looks like he is to me' i wanted to slap her, he was weighed last week cuz the dr didnt think he was feeding enough!! when we're out and people ask how old he is we always get the 'oh hes big isnt it' etc etc, i love my little man the way he is, he's big and squidgy and i love it hehe! oh forgot to say he's nearly in 6-9 months clothes because all his tops look like belly tops cuz he's so long lol! x
  • Tell them to sod off! Isaac was/is exactly the same, he was big from birth and is just above the 98th centile for weight and height, ever since he was born I have had people telling me how huge he is and how he would 'lose it all' when he started to move about, he didnt walk till 18 months and the amount of people that decided to tell me it was becuase he was too fat was unreal, it actually had nothing to do with his weight and everything to do with the fact that he has hypermobile joints. People always have to comment even when it is unhelpful and hurtful. I'm sure your lo is just perfect and if people choose to comment about her size just reply with something like there is all the more to love and cuddle. xxx
  • hey,

    firstly - yes she probably will not put weight on so quickly when she becomes more active, but rude to say it the way they are!

    secondly - I'm sure those charts are out of date, they were based on a sample of children years ad years ago (looked it up once cant remember where I found it). They are based on 'average' not nessessarily the norm!

    My lo was putting weight on folllowing a 90 degree straight line, not a curve - people think she looks older than she is (I do to when I compare her to friends babies born before her) but the most important thing is that our lo's are happy.

    Also, you say she was breastfed - how long did you breastfeed for? As the charts are for ff babies, breastfed babies put on weight differently - they will put on weght more quickly in the first few months then slow down where as ff babies in theory follow the curve.

  • Thanks for your replies feel better about it all, I love her squiggy arms and legs!!

    Havent had her length measured since she was born! but me and oh did it and she is in proportion but like others have said even when i was pregnant people always commented on how big i was.

    Hubby is also big he is 20 stone rugby guy so she was never going to be small people are just so rude!

    Nice to hear other people are having the same!

  • When i was pregnant everyone commented on how small my bump was - drove me mad! And I then had a 8lb 14oz baby lol
  • Hi, she sounds absolutely fine to me. Our son is big too - he's on the 98th centile for weight and just off the top of the scale for height. He's now 21 months and doing fine, and when he was younger we had to take him to a paediatrician as he had torticollis, a problem with his neck muscle. He quickly got over that, but she saw him a couple of extra times as he was bigger than their charts said he should be based on mine and my hubby's heights. I was annoyed as I knew there was nothing wrong with him, which she soon confirmed. It seems that unfortunately these days no common sense is used when health care "professionals" deal with childrens' sizes - if they don't fit into their charts exactly they start to panic, which is ridiculous. One of my friends was told by her health visitor to feed her daughter cream when she was about 8 months old just because she'd dropped a centile or two on the weight chart! Of course, this was just a minor fluctuation and she soon regained the weight without the cream. It does annoy me how parents are worried needlessly by these people - grrrrr!! xx


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