Please help :(


When babies are born I know they can't focus properly and are often boss eyed for a time, My son (kai) is five month old now and still seems to be boss eyed in the left eye, everyone has started commenting on it and I'm worried it will never go, is it normal for babies still to be boss eyed at five months? The health visitor and doctor has never checked his eyes and I'm thinking about taking him to see the doctor but don't want to look stupid.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me cos I feel a bit helpless.



  • Thanks Katie I hope someone does know.

    Gracie Faye is gorgeous image
  • I think you shold check with the doc, I remember either my hv or midwife say that if the eyes are still not righted themselves by the 6 week check up - you need to ask a doc about them. So I d advise to go and ask.
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