some1 pls help- weaning, im so confused??

hi, thought i would post this in here as the sept 08 forum seems to b a bit quiet at the moment, but jus wondering if my lo is getting enough food- shes 23 wks she takes 6oz when she wakes (10am) has 2cubes of veg and 1 cube of fruit at 12ish, 6oz at 2pm, 2cubes of veg and 1 cube of fruit at 5pm, then 6oz at 7pm, then has a last feed at 10pm(normally 5-7oz) not sure whether she should be having another bottle aswell, i only started weaning her this week- she was having 5 bottles in 24 hrs, im soooo confused, some1 pls help!! thanks, michelle. xxx


  • I think she's having plenty of milk. When she's 6 months (26 weeks?) she should be having 20oz a day. She's having a max of 25oz now so I would not worry at all. When your lo is ready you will be dropping a bottle when her routine includes 3 meals of solids a day.
    Stop worrying xx
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