Hi Lee

Just wondered if it's still on for tomorrow?? Can you let me know when you can please as I've managed to keep my hire car for another day!


  • She's gone walking her puppy dog hun! dunno if she's coming back on later
  • was talking to her when she saw your post, so i know she'll be in touch!!
  • Cool! - thanks! How is Issy doing - is she feeling any better??
  • we are still on hun i talking her before
  • bless you Donna!! she is a bit better, but i'm gonna give tomorrow a miss as i dont want the others getting grotty too!! i may also have another night from hell with her too....!!!

    My grandma is also quite unwell - Lee will fill you in!!

    thanks for that - it is that sort of thing that makes BE girls great!!
  • Hi Donna - The girls filled you in lol!!

    Just got back from walking the pup so basically, me and Carrie are still going for Pizza and I think Joanne was talking bout joining us for an hour or so!!!

    Havent booked a table but we could get there for 11.30 and as you saw before think we are pretty much guaranteed a place!!!

    Be good to catch up and will fill you in about a meet up in Bolton next wednesday as well!!!

    Love Lee
  • sorry i cant make tomorrow ladies, as ot happens im not going shopping now but in laws are coming doing some decorating so staying home then going mother and baby with kirsty (mkt86)
    will be there next weds tho for sure

    have fun, eat, eat and be merry!
  • Cool - am looking forward to it now - Lee - can I be a pain please and could you either text me, fb me or put on here rough directions??!!! Just motorway exit ect!!
    Nikki - glad Issy is a bit better but I don't blame you for staying away. Shame you can't make it Listef - hopefully I'll be able to catch up with you next Wednesday if I can sort it.
  • iv messaged you on fb donna, if you want a lift on weds i can come for you and poppy no problem x
  • Thanks honey - not checked fb yet, will let you know about Wednesday as Poppy is supposed to be with the childminders.
  • I got these directions from the post from Christmas - they are Nicki's so don't blame me hahahahaha

    J18 off the M60, follow signs for the M66 (Bury)

    at the first junction, come off, and turn Left at the traffic lights.

    at the 1st roundabout, turn Left

    at the next roundabout, turn Right!

    it is there!!

    Hope this helps mate but will give you the address too:
    Pizza Hut Bury
    Park 66
    Pilsworth Road
    BL9 8RS

    See you tomorrow hon - if you dont like these directions let me know in the morning and I will try and get them from Autoroute or something but would need your postcode.
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