FAO Linzimc & mummyclyders


Thanks for your replies been to Dr's today (3rd time since yesterday!! Had smear then LO is Very poorly with Bronchiolitis) Anyway he said they were fine but measured them and told me to take pictures to keep an eye on them. I am soooo relieved now, I've never panicked as much about my health till I had children I think I'm just so scared of leaving them with no mummy.



  • no bother at all chick glad to have helped! also glad to hear your moles are fine image xx
  • Oh thats a relief hon.

    God, I am so so sorry if I scared you - I didn't mean too.

    Really pleased there is nothing to worry about.

    Hope you don't have to go back for a 4th time!! :0)

    Sam x
  • So do I !!!!!!

    ah you didn't I panic about things like that anyway and better to be scared and get it checked than not get it checked till its too late.

    Katrina xx
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