She fed herself proud!

During the week Charlotte (13 months) fed herself a couple of spoonfuls of brekkie. Well today at teatime when oh was feeding her, he let her have the spoon for her yogurt and she fed herself half of it! Oh held the pot for her but she put the spoon in all by herself and fed herself very well. He had to step in when she had half of it though as she started to put her hand in the pot and wipe yogurt everywhere!

I'm really proud of her though as I thought she would never do that at her age.
She also held the spoon in her left hand - wonder if she'll be left-handed like me?!
Pointless post but had to share!!!!!


  • Wow, that's great! Especially that she put the spoon into the pot as well, clever Charlotte. xxx
  • Ooh that's great! Must be so cute, and yes it is really young too! I dont let Gabe near a loaded spoon - I'd regret it!!! He's good at finger feeding though, he ate nearly half a sandwich today and a fairy cake as well lol.
  • Charlotte's ok at finger foods as long as it's hard. If it's anything soft she just squishes it in her hands and starts laughing! Funny but frustrating.
    I meant to add that she flicked some of the yougurt all over the back of the armchair and found it funny!
    Messy business this self-feeding but great to watch.
  • Ahh, I remeber when Evie started feeding herself, it was so cute. And they only get better and better at it each time too, meaning you'll have you hands free to do other things. xox
  • I think thats great! well done a very clever charlotte! x
  • Aaww bless her - Well done Charlotte xx
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