Can anyone recommend a steriliser?

I've been looking at sterilisers and have spotted the Avent IQ24. I need one that isn't a microwave one as we don't have a microwave but as I'm having twins, I was looking for one that does more than 6 bottles but am struggling. Does anyone have any recommendations for this Avent one or any others that are good?

Thanks in advance


  • to be honest i've always just used the mothercare cold water sterilising tablets its alot easier and less to do. i've never had any problems sweet . x
  • sorry babe iv always used microwave ones, i dont think iv ever really seen any that dose more than 6 bottles before though x
  • Like Jodie says I haven't seen a bigger one, holding more than 6 bottles either.

    I have Tommee Tippee cold water steriliser which doubles up as mircowave one as well, but have never put it in microwave. It's so easy. Fill it up 2 line, drop milton tablet in, leave it to disolve, bottles take 15 mins to sterilise and the water is sterile for 24 hours. Its sooo easy!!

  • ive got the tommee tippee steam steraliser and it was brilliant from day one. and i still use it occasionally for random things as LO is 10 months and i don't steralise anything of his anymore lol.

    Its really quick - 6 mins tops inc warm up time, and it stops steaming after the 5 mins is up so if you forget about it, not a problem It takes up to 6 wide necked bottles and one lazy day i was baaaad mummy and didn't do any steralising at all so just wacked it all in - 7 bottles, teats, two dummies and a play toy and it was all hunky dorey 5 mins later! Brilliant. And its not too big to go on a work surface with room to spare AND comes with a couple of bottles and a sippy cup for later on.

    Wicked. Xxx
  • I've got an Avent steam steriliser and it's ace! It's an older version as our eldest is 4 next time and we got it when he was born. It's done us, our friends and now we've got it back for our daughter and it's still going strong! I'd recommend it to anyone.
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