Hahaha i love this video. If you've not seen it you really have to its soooo funny. lol

just type in "achmed the dead terrorist" on youtube

Sorry if its something you don't watch but i'm sure you'll enjoy

Lisa xxx


  • My partner takes the mick because i will stick it on every night as i'm making the bottles so i've got something to listen to and he'll say i should be bored of it by now but i'm not! lol. I really do want my own lil achmed. lol

    knock knock

    who's there?

    Me....i kill you!

    cracks me up every time. lol

    He must know when that bit comes on because he'll hear me giggling in the kitchen from his chair in the room and shout it out to me so i'm nearly peeing myself. lol

    Yep, definatly love him

    Lisa xxx
  • lol - i pis**d myself laughing the first time i saw this and its still as funny every time!

  • Me and OH love this too!! I had to spell my last name to a foriegn lady when ordering something over the phone, and said h a r t and she said say again, so I said H...........A.............R..................T............Dave said phlegmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :lol:


  • lmao at phlegmmmmmm. lol.

    I don't think there is any part on this video that i'm not in fits of giggles.

    When he's talking about his two virgins and says...." if this is paradise i've been screwed!!" "theres a bunch of ugly ass men out there! lmao

    "Hellooo, i'm Lindsey Lohan! lol

    The bit where he shouts...."STOP TOUCHING MEEEE" i'm in hysterics on the floor all the time. lol

    Lisa xxx
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