Weaning off formula milk

My dd is now 10.5 months. We will be moving house in 5 weeks. When we move she will be 11.5 months. Do you think it would be ok to wean her off formula milk and onto cows milk before we move? It will only be 2 weeks early and will make the move much easier as we will not need to worry about sterilising bottles and using formula etc!! She is on 2 bottles a day-one in the morning and one in the evening.
Also how do you wean them onto cows milk?


  • My DD refused the breast from 9 months and started refusing formula at 10 months. We put her onto cows milk with the full blessing of her paediatrician as she had a very healthy and varied diet by this point and was eating family meals and lots of fruit and veg.

    I'm not a health professional but IMO starting cows milk at 11.5 months isn't anything to worry about.

    We just made the switch as DD wouldn't drink formula any more, maybe start mixing it into her formula feeds, replacing 1oz at a time with cows milk and increasing every few days until the feed is 100% cows milk?
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