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Hi hun
re your message on katies post about the wedding she's going to, i want some advice on time zones and how to work it with cam when we go away...its a complex one!! lol!
he'll be 15 months,
we fly at 9am to new york, they're 4 hours behind so we land at 12 their time, 4pm our time. i was going to try and intergrate an extra meal and an extra nap into these 4 hours and then put him to bed around his normal bed time on this first night to make sure he gets a good sleep and doesnt feel too jet lagged. does this sound a good idea?
then a few days later we fly from new york to la which is 3 hours behind new york so would try and do the same re naps and food?
then we fly home a week later which im not too worried about as we'll just let him sleep as much as poss and try and settle him back into routine when we get home (the home journey will be a long one, about 10 hours to heathrow then a wait and a flight to manchester)

thanks deary xxxxxxx


  • Hi hun,
    I think that I would probably do the same as you are planning. We've been quite fortunate in that every where we have taken the littlies the time has been ahead of here so it's been a bit easier to adjust. He may not be too bad with the jet lag on the way there anyway, when we've flown long haul we've always found that the jet lag hits you worse when you fly west-east, so it will be when you get back you feel like shit!! If he's really tired when you land you could always bring his bedtime forward a little bit, putting them to bed a bit early has never made any difference to what time the wake up with my two. Only thing you might find is that for the first day or two he might wake up at the crack of dawn as his body clock will thing it's later, they tend to adjust pretty quickly though.
    Sounds like you are going to have a fab holiday, we are off to Eygpt in May and I can't wait!!
  • thanks a lot. I thought that would prob work best but just wanted to check with someone in the know! lol!
    i cant wait, not long now, we'll be there in 6 months time! yay!
    have a great time in egypt, you'll have to post some piccies when you get back
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