What a shock!! Laura going home...that so should not have happened!!!!!!!! WTF is Daniel & Rachel still doing in!
Can't believe one of the best talents is going home. Pathetic!


  • Was about to post something about this-great minds and all that!
    Poor girl going out over people like Daniel???? Shows it's just a popluarity contest and not about real talentAm sure she'll get a contract and be back with something which is more her style. Could Daniel really win???
  • how the hell are other ppl still in who cant sing, yet the one person with the most amzing voice ive ever heard go out, its a fix!!!
  • Arrrgh, if Daniel wins I'll be like Katie, I'll move countries :lol:

    This is supposed to be a talent contest not who has the best sob story!
  • Peter Kay was right! He's coming back as Geraldine over Christmas 'The winners story'-think him and Daniel look quite alike actually!
  • it's all louis fault!! i blame him!! rachel is absolutely rubbish. none of the notes she sang tonight were in tune. my hubby is tone deaf and can sing better than she can. but boo hoo she had a drug problem and has had her kids taken away. sob sob!! this competition is an absolute joke now and its starting to pee me off big time. though ill still watch it every week! haha! X
  • That's just it, no matter how much it pisses you off you still have to watch it!!! lol.
    I say we set up a campaign to get Daniel & Rachel out...lol I'm so cruel :evil:

  • I can't believe Laura went over Rachael and Daniel. She was robbed.

    EmmaLou leave more Eoghan alone lol. He only lives about 20 minutes from me so I am biased. He is not the best I admit but I like him.
  • what a load of crap i loved Laura she was my favourite. I think simon and louie saw her as a threat and voted her out. They were obviously worried cheryl would have all 3 acts in final. Zoey lol do you really love daniel? I feel sorry for him but i woldnt buy one of his albums seriously would you? xx
  • I was quite happy Laura went cos I was finding her annoying and felt like she was shouting sometimes not like I am an expert I screech my way through a song but she also started to seem a bit too sure of herself and when the results came up last night it seemed like she was confident she was gonna be the one staying. Sorry rant over.

    I will say though my favourites are JLS and Alexandra. But especially JLS I think they are brilliant at what they do and 2 of them arent bad looking! x
  • I really couldn't beleive it last night! My reaction to Rachel going through was that it was a fix! why were the judges so nice to her after such an awful song? My dh thinks that after her breakdown she had to see a psyciatrist (sp?!) and so they have to be nice to her for her mental health!
  • I dont believe Rachel should have been put through to the finals in the first place I agree about second chances but surely she has already had that in having part of her family back and being able to lead a normal life. How would large amounts of money and fame be giving her a second chance! More like just giving her everything, she aint even that great, and maybe if she cared that much about her kids she would be with them. Sorry I know that sounds harsh I just really dont believe she should have a chance like this!

    On a brighter note I originally did want daniel to go but actually thought he was good this week. xx
  • I must admit I was a Rachel fan and when she sang "Feeling Good" I got goosebumps but after her paddy on Xtra Factor last week and how BAD she was this week I have completely changed my opinion about her! Last night should definately have been her last night!

    I love Daniels voice! Initially I fell for his story but I do love his soulful voice and I think Simon Cowell has got a very short memory - wasnt he mentor to Steve Brookstein who was also in the over 25's and had a soul voice and went on to win (now doing panto or something tho)! Think he should give Daniel a break! Yes - I would buy his album as I did Andy Abrahams (I love a soul man!)

    Have you noticed how Louie is struggling for things to say now that "you made that song your own" has been banned lol!!

    He DEFINATELY tactically voted last night - it should have gone to public vote and I really hope this doesnt stop people from voting for JLS in revenge because they are getting better and better!

    Alex to win - she has been amazing since "Candyman!"
  • Should have definitely been daniel or rachel who went, I do like daniels but I dont think he would make it as a singer, Rachel just gets right on my t*ts, she 26 ffs so she should stop acting like a spoilt 2 year old, oh and she cant sing particularly well either. Diana is my firm fave, everything she does is just brilliant and she has a fantastic voice (well apart from tonight obviously)

  • I've never really been Lauras number 1 fan, but i still dont think she should have gone. Neither her or ruth should have been bottom two.

    But ohhhh that Rachel one i want her out!!! Voice wise- she is not to my taste, but my problem with her is her stinky attitude, her fake sadness on last nights show was pathetic. i bet she was thinking 'oh i better change tact tonight... so i'll try crying maybe they'll feel sorry for me and keep me in'
    why simon likes her i do not know!



  • like most of you, i'm gutted Laura went - i think week on week, she has been one of the strongest.

    i still think Daniel is a pile of pooh! i know pub singers that are better than him!!

    God only knows who is gonna win - i though Laura & Austin would be outlive the likes of Daniel & Laura, so shows how wrong i've been!!

  • I can't believe there are Daniel fans lol.
    I agree with Ollier, I have heard better pub singers, in fact my bil is a pub singer and is just as good...or is that bad ;\)

  • me and hubby were shocked that ruth and laura were in the bottom 2. i never thought they would make it to the final but in my opinion they are much better singers than daniel and rachel.
    Alexander, jls and diana will be the final 3 i reckon x


  • I went out last night so didnt see the results but we checked online by phone lol,was shocked to hear Laura had gone but i do have to say i didnt like her preformance last night..soooo want Daniel or Rachel out now,i agree with most of you her fake sadness was just to curry favour and looks like it worked!who the hell is voting on this show?!?!
    Diana is my fave and JSL hope one of them wins.
    PS i liked Ruths song to stay in the show but then i like Guns N Roses who covered it so there we go lol
  • i agree with you all. rachel and daniel should be out by now. i love daniel and feel so sorry for him and think he's generally a lovely man but im realistic to the fact that he just doesnt have what it takes to stay in. as for rachel.....grrrr. she needs to go!!! my oh was so mad she was still in he was speechless lol. laura just didnt deserve to go out. she has an amazing voice. if this carries on im not watching it next year!!!!
  • you know why daniel is staying in don't you? Cos Chris Moyles has started a campaign on Radio 1 to get everyone to vote for him to take the p*ss out of simon cowell! its pathetic. And Rachel was horrific. i want diana or alex to win!xx
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