Yay!! Got my place at college!!!

I'm so excited! I am gonna be a midwife. I got my letter today and i cant wait to start! Gonna be hard work but i think its just what my brain needs!!!! xx


  • heather!!
    that is fantastic news!! well done!!
    let me know if i can do anything at all to help you out!!

    (from a Midwife who feels she has been around since time began!!!!)
  • have had another thought - if you are on facebook, there is a forum called something like "behind every obsterician is a midwife to save their ass" or something! you can post all sorts of queries etc, and just read a lot of midwife's views on various things!!
  • Thanks ollier...just had a look but cant find it. U can add me on facebook if u like. heather stones. think there is only one of me xx
  • Ah well done you! What a lovely profession to get into.
    Hope it all goes well for you.
  • hi heather
    have sent you facebook request
  • Ohh wow.. congrats hun.. well done!! How exciting.

    I always wanted to do that, but dont think my brain is good enough now, since having 3 kids.. its abit of a mush these days lol.

    Good luck hun, when does the course start? Soz to be personal, but do you have to pay to do it???

    caz xx
  • You get a bursary. i dunno if everyone gets it but i do. and i get a bit extra cos i have kids!! xx
  • Wow! Congratulations hun!!!! I'm so happy for you xx
  • YAY - fabulous!!!! I'll have a glass of wine to celebrate for you!
  • Well done and welcome to the NHS...! LOL xx I nurse rotten Lungs and various other nasty ailments at Queens in Romford Hope no one is eating their breakfast reading this!xxxxxx
  • that's ok, she'll develop a strong stomach soon enough!!
  • well done.
    I was thinkin of becomming a peads nurse or a mw. When lo a little older I will go back and do my GCSE maths (failed misrabley (sp?) first time round) unless I can get work to put me forward for my NVQ 3 again. I got it last year with 2 years of trying but ended up falling pg so had to give it to the other girl who went for it image.
    Well done again and good luck
    X X X
  • hi pumpkin patch! dont be disheartened, just keep trying!! if you are not yet back at work, consider doing your Maths now - i say this, as it is a a lot easier studying when you not having to juggle kids, work & study. i did my degree part time once qualified, and took a year off when i had my first. i then went back to work, back to uni and had to juggle childcare etc - mine is my mum, but i felt that i put on her anyway, so asking her to do more.......!
    when i had my second, i had him about 2 weeks after i submitted one paper, then went back when he was 7 weeks old, and it was so much easier only thinking about the childcare for one afternoon a week.
    i didnt feel as guilty asking my mum to look after them when i needed to write up either!

    however, dont let me put you off studying & working with kids either - nursing & midwifery really are both great jobs, and 3 years of training goes very quickly!!

    good luck!
  • Hello Ollier
    Am already back at work and have asked about NVQ's but was told to ask again in September. Just there is always loads of people wanting to do it and only very few places spread over different departments. It's affording to do my maths again aswell. Plus there may be a few more problems arriving in the near future. So I may end up having to wait anyway. Life sucks sometimes!!
    Take care
    X X X
  • Sorry MummyHeather I have taken over your topic.
    Good luck with it all, i'm sure you will do fantasticlly.
    Kerry and Freya
    X X X
  • Hey I did reception and customer services till I was 36 got soooo bored decided do retrain and study just do something else. Now I love my job, its exhasuting at times but never boring! Its never to late xx get stuck in! xx
  • Wow congratulations! Hope it all works out well for you, you must be so excited!

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