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Nightfeed Nightmare!

Hey girls just after some advice please.

Im SO confused! DS is 9 weeks old and makes such a fuss with his night feeds (recently) i don't get it! He has a dream feed between 10-11 depending what time we go bed which he takes FINE. He will then wake between 2-3 for his night feed but he chokes and crys throughout it.. i know he gets bunged up more at night (he has been since birth dr says he will grow out of it?) so im not sure if its because he cant breathe? Its horrible as obviously im sleepy and i just want him to take it and then i feel like im getting angry with him which isn't nice. Last night he had 2oz of his night feed (he has 6oz bottles no problem in the day) at 3pm then slept till 7am which is great but what's the point in him waking for that? Hubby seems to think he is ready for dropping the feed and doesn't really need it but how do i get him to realise that? (lol) Its not nice for me to watch how upset he gets when having it and i feel like im force feeding him.

He is such a happy little guy, he literally never crys, settles himself to sleep and is so content but im just confused about the night feed thing? Can anyone shed any light on this? He isnt great with his dummy and will only take it on his terms really so its not like i can put his dummy in to try and get him to realise he doesnt need the feed. xx


  • hello sweetie, tbh it does sound as if he is having it out of habit, however he is still only 9wks so could well be hungry, have u tried settling him with a small amount of water in his bottle to see if that will settle him? its like hes jus taking the 2oz just to settle himself back down again isnt it? maybe you could gradually water his night time feed down slightly so he may begin to realise its not worth waking for? lots of love xxx
  • Thanks hun, i think he is just having it to settle himself too but then like you said he is only 9 weeks old and that to me seems a bit young to sleep through.. my dd dropped her night feed at 18 weeks old after been on baby rice from 16 weeks but saying that he is a lot bigger than she ever was.

    I will try the water tonight and see what happens.. i guess if he screams more then i know he is hungry at least! Thanks again hun xx
  • My DD dropped the 11pm herself at 6wks! She happily slept from 7pm-3am, had a feed, then slept till 7am. She never took to a night feed, so I gave up trying, and has only now just dropped the 3am feed at 5 months. She had started to do exactly what you say your DS is doing, crying and spluttering, almost like I was force feeding her, and only taking 1-2oz. I used water instread for a week, and now she's totally off it, with minimal fuss. I would try water for a week and see how you go. If he's actually hungry and wanting milk, he'll cry at the water.

    Btw, have you tried Karvol drops near his crib to help with the bunged up at night? x
  • Thanks Lulee!

    Last night he refused his dream feed. At 3pm he woke and he popped his dummy back in in case he wasn't hungry.. he went back to sleep for 40 mins and woke with his dummy still in which is a miracle! I fed him and he took the whole lot... im guessing because he had his dummy in it had cleared his nose as obviously he had to breathe through it!

    I wasn't sure what age the Karvol drops where from? I will pop to the chemist and see what they say thanks hun xx
  • Hey hun. Sounds like you had a better night.

    I was going to suggest trying water as I did that with lo at 20wks when I started solids as I knew he didn't need it anymore. Was a struggle as he cried for a few nights but ten never woke up for a feed again.

    But I was also going to suggest putting back his dream feed by an hour or so to see if you can stretch him out longer. Then maybe his night feed will get moved on and eventually he'll drop them all.

    Also we used the karvol plug in thingie. It was much better than the drops. S x
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