my husband really his frank spencer!!!

hi, i reacon my hubby is like frank spencer, coz... he once walked into a lamp post! i laughed so much and a couple behind us! hubby got so mad and stormed off sulking with a bad head lol then when i finally caught up with him, we both had a laugh about it his foot came out is flipflop and stubbed his toes on the floor! lol so funny! he was even more mad and emarresed,

we once went iceskating and all the way there he kept saying how good he was, only to get there and he couldent even stand on the ice and was clinging to the sides has i skated round, i looked to find him telling off some young boys(about 7 years old) coz they was throwing ice at him and saying "bet ya cant catch me" lol

we once went on a little none fast bufflo ride at a theme park, it went round so slow but when it went to the side slighty hubby shouted,"ow hayley why did u make me come on this, im going to die"" lol the kids behind us was pointing laughing!!

he always bangs his head all the time! or trips, too b honest i ma now quite worried about him at work (hes a builder) lol does ur partner do anything funny? who do they act like off tele?

just a bit of fun, im bored lol xx


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