If you could.....

be in a band, what would you be / do?

i'd love to play the drums!! i cannot sing to save my life (actually, i cant play the drums either, but i'd love to give them a go!!!!)

just a bit of light heartedness following recent events!!

let's see if we can get a BE band together!!!! (not!) :lol:

will add who is doing what later, but thanks so far girls!!

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  • I'd like to be the stylist please-LOVE clothes etc!
  • Lol, well I play the guitar so it'd probably have to be that! Hubby plays the drums too so maybe we could be pushy parents and get Riley on bass. xxx
  • Lead guitar, the band would be the Foo Fighters and I would be married to David Grohl lol.
  • :lol: I'd be the singer (haven't got a note in my head!!) but I can dream! You all could dress me in beautiful clothes and do my make up & I could be a Diva! :lol: Charlie will be on the wooden spoons and sauce pans! :lol: x
  • I'll be one of the backing singers - soulful and understated that's me! Anyone want to join me?xx
  • I'd be a singer too!!

    Lea-Pea - I'm sure you are pretty image

  • i cant edit my own post and read what everyone wants to do!!!

    so far........

    Manager - Queen Bee
    Stylist- Mum to 1
    Make up artist - Vanilla
    Chauffer - mummynumber5
    Groupies - TallKatie

    Singers - It_must_be_love
    Lea Pea

    Backing singer- karen130770

    Backing dancer - hayleyspirit

    Guitar - Rebecca & splodge
    Lottie & Neve

    Bass guitar - mcrvamp

    Drums - Ollier2001 (with a great deal of help from Spodge's dad!!)

    Tambourine - Fran1981

    Triangle- Staph armstrong

    Piano - jellyfishpink

    Harp - Pumpkinpatch

    percussion - trueman

    Trumpet - LinziMc

    we still need help with other instruments - come on be adventurous girls!!!!

    then we can decide what sort of music - other than Foo Fighters!!

    it's taking shape girls!!

    this is really coming together!! now we need some advice on our music - so far we have:

    Foo Fighters

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  • I would like to play the piano - am not musical at all but it is something I would have loved to have learned as a child!
  • i can play the bass guitar, was in a punk band in collage!
  • I can click my fingers in time to the music and throw in the odd 'ooh' and 'yeah'- does this count? lol.xx
  • I'll play the triangle! LOL Love to be the singer really but don't think strangled cat would sell many tunes!
  • I wanna be backing singer with Karen - am thinking along the lines of Pepsi and Shirley in Wham hahahahahaha!

    Dancing away and singing pretty badly (well I would be) but at least it would be fun!

    In our house we have Tommy going to be trained as a drummer after his namesake and Ollie is practising to be the next Brian May after he saw Queen with Paul last year so instruments are pretty much taken up in this house lol
  • I would love to play the panio or harp. I haven't got a sence of rythem or a note in my head but I do like to dream.

    X X X
  • bass player! oooh i used to luurrvvee vixen yrs ago and for some reason made me dream of being a bass player,lol
    can i have big hair and loads of make-up ????
  • Me and Zacky on percussion please, baby marraccas all the way,LOL.

    I had violin lessons at school )still cant play a note). Tried to play 'Kazzoo' (think thats what it was called) in my dancing band days as well.

    PS. Im totally tone def, but Zacky aint bad.
  • welll... i'm good on the piano... but in the BE band i'd like to play the trumpet please.... we'll play some good old ska and punk stuff and i'll toot away!! hee hee
  • can i be a backing dancer??
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