lascal kiddyguard - help needed!

We have had to fork out for the Lascal Kiddyguard stairgate as it's the only one that will fit the top of our stairs as there is not enough wall to fix a normal one to.

We have just tried to fit it and as we have skirting boards we have now discovered we need to pay extra for a skirting board installation kit!!! Is there anyway round this that you know of? Do we need to buy 2 kits,one for the main gate side and one for the attaching wall side? Or does the kit come with boths parts?

There is very little info on the web and the instructions that come with it are just pictures so not the best!

Katstar x

(also in toddler)


  • Not sure what comes in the kit - maybe give their customer service team a call tomorrow - might save some time and expense?
    Alternatively, have you got a doorframe you can go to instead? We had the problem that from the bannister to the wall meant needing the kit, but it we extended along a bit so it went across the landing to the bathroom door (or front door doorframe for downstairs) and that solved the problem, was safer as the stairgates don't then open directly onto the stairs and gave us the 2 same level surfaces we needed to attach it.
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