taking him off bottles..?

I wasn't planning to do it sometime soon as harry's only 10 months but as i was thinking about it i might as well ask!

He has one - two bottles of milk a day - in the morning and bedtime, but i was thinking about when he should be having it in a sippy cup or whatever and how i'd go about changing it over.

He seems so cute and sleepy in the mornings and tired in the evening so i'm thinking it could be quite difficult to not give in!

How did anyone else swap over? did it take long? xxx


  • Poppy is 15 months and still has one in the morning and one at night! She's just recently started to leave most of her bedtime bottle so I think in the next week or so I'll phase it out as she obviously doesn't need or want it!
    If you're happy with him having a bottle for comfort 2 times a day then I see no reason to rush him off them - he'll probably drop them in his own time.
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