Dilemma.....post ASAP!

Right I have just been in to check Gabe (fast asleep) and omg he STINKS...has def filled his nappy! (he's never bothered about a dirty/wet nappy - would sit in it all night - and has done before without me knowing.)

Should I wake him & change him....or let him sleep??? am thinking wake him BUT I know he wont be impressed!

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  • Change it, I would any way. Barney hasn't done this too me yet but Millie has had AWFUL nappy rash before after sleeping (unkown to us) in a dirty nappy. If you are good and get everything ready you can do it int the cot without disturbing them much. I've managed to change Barney's once before without him waking up at all!!
  • Have just changed it - argh it was a horrible leaky one too that went on his vest. Luckily only a little bit on the nappy bit of the vest, so not touching the skin. Have wiped it and will change in the morning :lol: He didn't wake up too much either...i dont know how he sleeps in poo, dont think I could! ick!
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