Advise please!

Hi Guys!

I'm probably in the wrong forum but the toddler forum is really quiet.

Joshua is 18 month old and we are going to buy his junior bed on sunday so matthew can go into his cot.

Does anyone have any advice about putting him to bed, and getting him to stay there etc....

I'm expecting it to be very stressfull!!

Thanks xx


  • Hi.... Try not to get stressed over it - he'll pick up on it.

    We let Ophelia watch as daddy 'built' her bed and she became really excited about using her new bed.

    However, if Joshua doesn't want to stay in his bed then you could do what I did for my eldest .... for the first night I sat on his bed until he went to sleep; then the next night I sat further down the bed; then at the end of the bed; then the foot of the bed etc etc until you are out of sight... it takes a while but within just over a week he was getting into bed and settling down without me having to stay with him.

    Hope this helps... I'm sure you'll have no problem though. Good luck x
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