infacol or gripe water?

which do you think is most effective? - have tried them both in the past but have maybe not given them much of a chance to do anything so will give it another go as Charlie seems to have a bit of tummy ache.


  • Personally speaking we find gripe water much better. 100 times better. Infacol never worked with Kelsie or Jack. Plus it tastes rank! Least gripe water is swallowable! That is sooo not a word but you know what I mean!

  • Infacol worked really well for us too, although we don't seem to need it any more - lo has no problems with wind now, he burps louder than his dad lol. He really liked the taste, so i guess it's personal preference. I will agree you do have to stick at it every feed for a few days before it kicks in. I never found gripe water did anything except make my lo extremely hyperactive, but i've given it to my hubby once when he ate too much lol, and it worked like a charm! xx
  • Gripe water always worked wonders with mine......except Nathan - it helped him get rid of the wind but his poo's were always green!!!
  • i find infacol is good. I was advised by hv to try and give it around 15 mins before each feed and that does help.

    Some say that gripe water is not as effective for as many people as it used to be as they had to change the formula to remove the alcohol!
  • Not sure which is 'best' but can someone tell me how they manage to get the gripe water into their babies!!!! At least infacol/ dentinox is thick and comes with a dropper. When I try gripe water I get it every where apart from Archie's mouth.
  • i found dentinox rubbish, made archie sicky during feeds ... gripe water didnt really work either, we've now got him on infacol for his colic and he's much more content and calm of an evening!
  • I use dentinox coz the infacol didnt do much n when i gave her gripe water she choked on it n we ended up in hospital! Wont give her it again but thats only coz i'm worried she'll choke again, lots of my friends swear by it x
  • We only used infacol although we bought gripe water in but never used it.

    Infacol kind of worked but considering kade's reflux was quite bad it didn't do as much as we'd hoped.
    Did hear it was much more effective than gripe water though??

  • We only used Gripe Water with Zacky as he was never a really colicy baby, he just goes through phases of keeping his wind in for later. When he seems to have a phase I put a dose of Gripe water in his mid day bottle and wait for the burps and farts to shake the house. LOL. Worked a treat for us, Did find that we got through loads though then found out that OH was putting it on LOs dummy everytime he cried and then having some for himself as he liked the taste.
  • inficol have tried gripe water and never found it that good with any of my kids x
  • we are trying infacol at the mo. i find it hard to wind jessica anyway. its ok. where can you get dentinox from?
  • we used to use infacol as lo would scream if we gave him gripe water. We now use Dentinox stuff as I think he got used to the infacol!!
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