I know all babies are different...

but what did your lo's weigh at around 8weeks (or even now) Charlie is 8 weeks today and as of last tues he weighed 12lb13, he was 7lb12 when born. I feel like he looks older than 8weeks if that makes sense, he doesn't look fat but is long and tbh the hv did seem a little concerned with his weight . He was taking around 7-8 oz but i put this down to a growth spurt as he now settles at about 5oz. Im not too worried as I think he's perfect the way he is (obviously im biased (sp?) tho):lol: but i just wondered what you ladies thought? xx


  • Molly weighed 10lbs 14ozs at birth, dropped to 10lbs 2ozs in a day when discharged, weighed 11lbs 14.5ozs at 8 weeks, 59cm long and now at 13 weeks she weighs 12lbs 8.5ozs.

    My hv is concerned she has dropped 4 centiles but i don't think she was meant to be that big in the first place! She is fully bf, tall and not skinny. She looks perfect to me!

    Charlie sounds like he is doing perfectly! You would also expect boys to weigh more than girls. Your right not to worry hun, x
  • my boy liam weighted 9lb 2 wen born hes know 9months old and weights 18lb.
  • Don't worry, he won't carry on at the rate he's going!

    Gabe was about 13lb at 8 weeks (9lb 1 at birth).

    But now at 8 months he is a little over 20lb which is only a bit bigger than 'average' and no one comments on his size anymore. He is incredibly long and is outgrowing his pushchair that is supposed to be up to 3 years! His head goes over the top!

    My friends LO is 5 months old and weighs 19lb even though she was a teeny 6lb at birth but she looks perfectly healthy and is just a 'solid' built girl is well ahead with milestones and has 6 teeth so is just growing quick i reckon


  • hey hun, JJ is the same, at 7 weeks he was 13lb, he doesn't look fat he's just very long! he was taking 7-8oz every 3 hours 5 x a day but now he's only taking 5-6oz every 3 hours and still having 5 bottles! I had him weighed just before xmas and he was 17lb 5.5oz at 14 weeks! x
  • My Luke was 11lb @ 5wks and 13lb at 14wks......by 24wks he had really evened out and in fact lost his line completely, and dropped 2 centiles but then stayed steady on that line.
  • Hi just checked the book jamie was 7 -11 at birth and weighed 12-0 at 8 weeks he is also really long for his age. HV have never been worried always said how well he's doing. I'm breastfeeding, i don't know if that makes a differance. We last had jamie weighed at 4 months and he was a few onces under 16lbs and he was as long as an average 6 month old. x
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