Crying while asleep

For the past few nights my LO (11 weeks) has been waking up at 1AM and crying, I'd obviously wake up, go in to check on her and actually SEE her crying while she's asleep. This goes on until when she wakes up at about 6:30AM, I'm losing a LOT of sleep because of this and I really don't know what to do.
Does anyone else's LO do this, and is there anything I can do to stop it?


  • didn't want to r&r but haven't cpme across this myself, is it constant??? does it wake her up or does she just sleep the whole way through it?? have you googled it?
  • Hiya

    My DS went through a phase of doing this at around the same age. I read somewhere that at that age they have a development spurt and process alot of what they exprience in the day whilst they sleep which is why they sometimes cry in their sleep. My DS did it for a copule of weeks and then it gradually just stopped.

    I do feel for you though cos its horrible, I wanted to cry when my DS did it cos he seemed so upset but was fast asleep. I just used to place my hand on his chest & stroke his head & it calmed him down without waking him.

    I remember there was a thread about this a while ago when my DS was going through it (he's almost 7 months now) & there were quite a few people saying their lo's were doing the same so I think its probably quite common.

    I would see how you go & if it continues for a long time or if you are worried speak to your HV.

  • My lo cries in his sleep, He has done for the past few weeks and its killing me. he isnt actually awake, I spoke to h/v and as usual she put it down to teething.
    Cant offer ny advice but will watch this thread!xx
  • My ds does this too! He's now 17weeks but went through a really bad phase a few weeks back that got better but has been bad a few times this week again x
  • Moonbeam, I did google it but there was hardly anything there, apart from this one thing that you have to pay for... Which I can't afford because I have a baby to look after! Typical, aye?!
    If I rush to her fast enough and give her her dummy she stays asleep, but if I leave her to it she does eventually wake up (probably the noise of her crying waking her up), but she always goes straight back to sleep after she's got her dummy and I've stroked her head for a few seconds... But of course, she only stays asleep for half an hour max, it's more common that she only stays quiet for five minutes though... So as you can imagine.. I'm KNACKERED!
    Someone suggested that it could be trapped wind (I didn't even think of that... I feel like the dumbest mummy in the world!!), so I'll see if burping her works if she plays up again tonight.
    Thanks for the reassurance, ladies.
  • Hiya - could be night terrors ??? Is she thrashing around or just still and crying ? My LO had night terrors for quite a while which is heartbreaking to watch as you are not meant to wake them up. S XX
  • Well I tried burping her last night, and that did nothing whatsoever.
    I don't know if it's night terrors, because she's sort of wriggling and crying, but she wakes herself up...? So I'm not sure.
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