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Sleep Toubles


My LOis 6 months old and Im having a nightmare getting him to sleep through, when he was 10 weeks he slept 7am til 7pm for a couple of months and it was great, Ive put our routine below to see if anyone can help to see whats going wrong:

7am - Cereal and 6oz of milk
8.30/9.00 - Nap of about 4o mins
11.30am - Lunch - i jar and a yoghut or fruit pot with water
12.00 - Nap of about an hour
2.30 - 8oz of milk
3.30 - Nap of about 30/40 mins
5.00 - Dinner - same as lunch
6.30 - Bath
7.00 - 8oz bottle then bed

He settles really well at bedtime aswell as nap times but he wakes betwenn 3.30am and 5.00am - he doesnt want feeding he's just wide awake! I try putting his dummy in and rubbing his tummy but nothing seems to work, Ive tried leaving him but what turns into a whinge turns into a massive cry!! We're currently bringing him into our bed (which I know we will end up regretting!!) when he wakes and he dozes on and off until about 6.30am/7am

If any one has any advise or tips please let me know!!

Thanks Sally xx


  • hi sally
    i am having exactly the same problem with my lo he is 6 months old and wakeing between 3.30 and 4.30 he is screaming and when i go in he is really upset i usually give him a cudle and put his dummy in then put him back down that seems to work for me all i can think is that he is having nightmares or he is teething but its really hard and frustrating not knowing whats wrong

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