My little girl is 3 weeks old & i'm really struggling to get her to sleep in a moses basket day/night. She constantly startles herself awake, bashing her arms on the sides of the basket & is then wide awake. She also isnt keen on self settling so often falls asleep on me.

Shes very active arms/legs wise & sleeps with her arms up by her head, so am a little anxious about swadding. However, she sleeps best/longest scrunched up on my chest!

Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated image

Char & Fearne (3 weeks) xx


  • Lucas will not sleep independently for long periods without being swaddled and he's now 14 weeks. We use Swaddle Me wraps and Miracle Blankets - both shaped and nice and thin so great for summer swaddling.

    Lucas slept through from 10 weeks swaddled and though he fights it when I first do it, he very quickly falls asleep once it's done. I'm hoping once he moves into his cotbed we can wean him off it as he'll have more room to move about without whacking the sides!

    H and LJ xx
  • Hi

    We swaddled until 6 months ! he weaned himself off it, we used a miracle blanket which is fab, when he got too big for it, we just swaddled his arms and left his legs out. It was a life saver for us as before we had 12 weeks of no sleep at all.

  • We had exactly the same problem as you and started swaddling at about 3 weeks. We eventually stopped at 5 months and then only because Toby became a talented escape artist so it was a bit pointless!

    Swaddling was fab for us - he always fought it but slept so much better and longer. Highly recommend the miracle blanket and also the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe.

    C image
  • I'll take your 6 months Lillykitt and I'll raise you ... I swaddled until 7 months until gradually weaning her off! By bambino also had a very strong moro reflex and she too slept with her arms above her head, but she love love loved being swaddled and it worked perfectly for us. Good luck x

    PS the 'on the chest' thing does get easier. I did everything baby led so sometimes co-slept at first and always let her sleep on me for daytime naps until 12 weeks - at that point she was more confident and didn't need me to fall asleep x
  • Thanks for your replies girls image

    We swaddled last night & she slept for a full 3 hours! Am off to buy some miracle blankets today, see how we get on with them. D any of you swaddle to daytime naps too? She kicked off abit to begin with last night but soon nodded off!

    CG xxx
  • Yup - we swaddled for day and night sleeping, no problem.
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