wriggling up not down!!

at night my lo wriggles up the cot where most babies wriggle down.. she has to have a sleeping bag as if she has a blanket and in feet to foot postion she wriggles up and out of the blanket...
the problem we are having at the moment is that she wriggles all the way to the top so her head is pushing against the head board bit. and wakes up a few times in the night crying till either me or hubby get up and pull her back down the cot..

i know its a bit odd but it bothers me coz i want her to start having a duvet soon but i know full well she will wriggle out of it.. anyone had the same problem? any ideas how to stop her wriggling up..??


  • Evie does this as well and she's only 4 weeks, find her in a huddle at the top of the cot every morning! Yet in the pram she wriggles down to the bottom. :\?

    Sorry I don't have any advice but will be interested to read if anyone has any ideas.

    How old is your lo? My eldest daughter is 13 months and she sleeps in so many wierd positions, she's never in her covers by morning but it doesn't seem to bother her. I just go in on my way to bed and throw her blanket back over her.

  • she is nearly 11 months. just getting more annoying for us now having to get up to her and pull her down the cot.. got so used to a good nights sleep now its disturbed again!! just coz she has nowhere left to go upwards!!
  • Well to be honest (bad mum time again!) I've always put Lily to sleep with her head at the top of the cot. She has a bumper and a flat pillow and I just throw the blanket over her without tucking it in.

    Maybe if your lo is in a growbag you could try putting her up at the top? Or would she still try and get higher up and bump her head?

    I don't know, these babies always seem to come up with new ways to test us don't they?!

  • yeah she is.. i wanted to try and get her out of it during the summer so she is ready for a duvet a pillow by winter but she just wriggles up and out of the blanket then wakes up coz she is cold... i tried putting her with her head at the top and she wont go to sleep coz she has not where to wriggle to.. hmmm.. dont really know what to try next...
  • Hi, my lo is nine moths old and has been doing this for the past 4 months, we decided to put her cot bumper up and this stopped her from hurting her head, I know you are not suppose to use them untill they are 12months but I asked my HV and she said as long as they are secured tightly we would be fine.
  • my lo wriggles up down and around in a 180* so he's the wrong way round, checked on him napping the other day and he was side ways accross the cot with his feet dangling out through the bars of the cot, and he's always banging his head everywhere. Had to put him in sleeping bag as he wont sleep until he's fully kicked his covers off him (and then he gets too cold!) so cant help...but may try a bumper myself!
  • My lo travels the length and width of her cot every night, she starts right at the bottom and in the morning she is any which way, from sideways to fully turned and she managed to chuck all her cuddly toys around as well. She never even kept her covers on when she was tiny and in her moses basket so she has been in a sleeping back since then.
  • I didn't know you weren't supposed to use bumpers till lo was 1!! I thought the whole idea was to stop them bumping htemselves or getting legs and arms stuck while they were little!

    Cole has always been in a sleeping bag apart from when he was very small (and he used to wiggle up his basket), and I've always put him at the top of the cot because thats where his bumper is. He's never wiggled down.. only up and into the corner or occasionally turned himself upside down.

    I don't know if there is much you can do to stop them wiggling apart from try one of those sleep positioner things
  • my lo is 6 months and has been doing this since he moved to cot a good few months ago!!! i have a bumper but it doesn't reach around so going to buy another one so it goeas all the way round... fin ends up head butting top or side and then wakes screaming still hitting his head also where theres no bumper he gets his arm stuck then tries to wriggle and when i go in he looks like he's dislocating it!!!
    im a bad mummy as he sleeps on tummy - has done since about 6weeks due to bad wind and acid reflux... he's in sleeping bag so at least he now doesn't get cold but like you i'm up in night dragging him down again...
    sorry can't be much more help xxx
  • Violet does this too and recently have been having to move her down 3/4 times a night which is a nightmare! However, last night for some bizarre reason she slept on her side...and didn't move an inch! Knowing my luck it was just a fluke! The only other thing I did differently yesterday was make her spend more time in her jumperoo, in a vain attempt to tire her out and so she wouldn't wriggle.

    I dont know what the answer is...I will see how she goes tonight!
  • how funny.. brooke slept on her side last night too!! lol for the 1st time ever! she still woke a couple of times but not as much as normal and that was coz she had rolled right to the edge of her cot! will see what tonight brings x
  • my lo wriggles up as well, have you tried a pillow wedge, (you could pop under the sheet if worried) but it would mean she was at a slight angle and unable to wriggle up, i haven't tried it myself as he's not bothering us but just a thought, good luck
  • My 2 year old used to do that so be bought her an all in one fluffy outfits and because she had more freedom from the grow bag she slept better and even now will have no toys or blankets in her cot and sleeps all night.my son sleeps in a growbag and we just use a big sheet to tuck him in really well so he can not free himself and it keeps him more settled Good Luck x
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