Im dreading the holidays

Hi All,

Just a bit of a rant really. Need to let off some steam.

Well I love christmas, but if yesterday is any indication of how the next 2 weeks are gonna be im not looking forward to it.

Found out yesterday that my son is bullying a boy younger than him in school, so sent him to his room. In there he started throwing things around, he threw his telly remote at the light bulb and it broke, it was one of the energy efficiancy ones. So hubby ventilated the room and cleared everything up. Only he made the mistake of hoovering the floor(carpet) Called nhs and adviced us not to let son sleep in there last night and to call our enviromental department at our local council. Well been trying to call them all day but no answer all day. Will it be safe to let him sleep in there tonight or not?

Mother in law wont have him to stay over tonight, cant ask my mum cos she has cancer, I just want to scream!

Kerry xxx


  • I feel really daft but what's wrong with it being energy efficent are they poisonious? Hopeflly you get through the weekend & get it sorted on Monday as for your son i'd make sure he knows that even if he doesn't still believe in Santa that he won't get presents unless his behaviour improves!
    All the best xx
  • Googled it hun, and I think he should be fine to sleep in there. The reason you shouldn't hover is this can spread mercuray (toxic) droplets into the air. If I were you I would change his bedding and wipe all the surfaces with a damp cloth (and then throw that away) He should be fine then I think.
  • cheers bedhead, i have had the window open since last night just needed some reassurance
  • Do you still have the box the bulb came in if so you could always call there customer service department and see what they say about it x
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