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  • At 22 weeks and on three meals and five 6 - 8 oz bottles a day my lo has started waking twice for a feed at night when he had previously woken once. Any idea why? He usualy has a full 8oz bottle in his night feeds.

    He is a big boy, 9 kg, though not fat and has always been hungry.
  • My 5 month old daughter has always slept well through the night, waking once for a feed. In the last couple of weeks she has been waking earlier and more often, but also she won't go back to sleep after her feed. She isn't upset, just wide awake and ready to play at 4am! I'm sure she's not getting too much sleep in the day. We haven't started her on solids yet, do you think this will help her to sleep? Or is there anything else we can try?
  • Hi,

    I am having problems with getting my daughter to nap in the day. She is 17weeks on Friday. She will sleep well at night going down around 8/9 and we wont hear anything from her till around 3 for a 4oz feed, then she wakes about 4/5 just for a dummy but will sometimes cry for around 5mins before going off to sleep again, then sleeps through till around 7. She used to sleep through but has not for a week or so now I am not sure why, I am like the walking dead at the moment

    I have tried controlled crying but she just gets hysterical which wakes her up even more, I know she is tired as she rubs her eyes and yawns non stop. Sometimes she has to have about 2oz then she will fall asleep on the bottle, which I know is such a bad habit.

    I hope you can give me some advice, thanks very much.

    Amy x
  • hi my little has have with weight gain she got habit of loseing weight and stuffing her self after losing it so she up down on chart. they think she lastose intoerance she bin on sma lf for 12 weeks she 37 week weighing 15.1lbs at birth 8.6lbs she still losing weight on and off and sick some time i am not sure wont wrong with her she bin reffered to hospital now. The question is it normal that she loses weight and then stuffs her self but s back and more?
    sorry for a long story
    carrie faith
  • Please help! My baby has never slept properly. She's now 6 months will only sleep after 10pm and only in our bed inbetween us. She hardly naps during the day if I'm at home. Every time she goes into her cot she screams and screams until she goes into our bed. She has a bedtime routine of bath and milk but she won't sleep. She usually sleeps til 8am. Is the option to make her sleep controlled crying? Many thanks Morgan (and my husband) and Lucy xx
  • Hello I am Miriam Stoppard and I'm here to answer your questions, so keep them coming!
  • I have a totally stupid question, but not sure where to get an answer!

    I am thinking of taking my little boy (4 months) swimming this Thursday. As I don't drive it is bus and buggy! But I was thinking - is it ok, that we walk outside after the swim, because it is rather could outside right now (around 0C)?

    When I was a kid and went to swimming pool in winter, my mom always wrapped me up real tight afterwards and so on .....
  • Hi, my son is 17 months old, he babbles constantly and does understand when he is told things, but he is not saying any actual inteligible words. The one thing he does say is Hiya. Do you think I need to worry
  • hi, i have a little boy whos 7 months hes never sleept through yet! he used to wake once a night but these last 4 weeks hes waking 3 times a night, and 2 of them times he has 2 full 6oz bottles

    he has 3 meals a day and snacks, dont know how to get him to sleep through coz surly he can now at 7 months?

    he goes to bed around 8ish and his waking up time is 6ish any ideas?
  • My 8 month old son seems really behind in his development. He doesn't sit up (well, for more than a few seconds), roll (he has done a few times but not often), crawl, bear weight on his legs, or like being on his tummy. My health visitor said to leave him on his tummy and let him cry to help with his development but I don't feel comfortable doing this. The last time I spoke to my health visitor she told me I was holding him too much and not giving him the chance to move enough but I give him lots of time on the floor and it doesnt make a difference. Do I really need to worry? Thank you.
  • Hi Lea Pea

    I don't think it's a good idea Lea Pea to rush a child into eating llumpy food. All babies differ and they do it at their own pace. My great nephew for instance, didn't eat lumpy food happily until he was over 1 year old. So frankly, I'd go easy on the lumps. It's much more important that your baby has a nourishing pureed diet and when you do move on to lumps make them soft as in porridge.
  • just wanted to add he was 8lb at birth and his now 18lb and is crawling and walking with help of funiture dont know is that makes a diffrence to how hungary he gets
  • hi there,i have an 8 month old daughter that i am still breastfeeding and have just found out that i'm pregnant.Id like to continue breastfeeding grace and wondered if you had any advice on the subject? thanx hannah xx
  • Well Poz, the golden rule of sleeping for babies is that the more a baby sleeps, the more a baby sleeps.

    In other words, it's best not to cut down on daytime naps, because they make a baby feel tranquil and contented. But also, oddly enough, it helps them both to go to sleep and to sleep through the night without waking. How you behave when she wakes is important, she has to learn that nightime is for sleeping, not playing so I would suggest you try the rapid return technique whereby you go into her room to show you are there but you don't speak or lift her, simply pat her once or twice and leave the room. This technique requires real perserverance. When I tried it with one of my granddaughters I returned more than 30 times on the first night. But by the fourth night she had learned to sleep through.
  • Naz, I think you are being a bit hard on yourself and your baby. I'd really like to reassure you that I think you are both doing quite well. The meals to milk balance is really quite good. I think your HV would have said if your baby wasn't getting enough nourishment, so relax! Don't communicate your anxiety to your baby because that could create difficulties. Good Luck!
  • Hi Dr Miriam

    I have a soon to be 1 year old son. Is this the right age to start to look at getting him to feed himself using cutlery?
    He currently has a mixture of finger foods, puree type of food and cut up food that he eats either with his fingers or we spoon feed him.
    The problem is if he has too much on his high chair tray he starts to throw bits off.
    He also has always since the start of the weaning process always wanted to do part of it himself so has had bits of finger food from the start but I am unsure how to make the transition to him having food from bowls plates and using spoons and forks, as he likes using his fingers playing with the food and is a bit fussy about what he will eat. He like his vegetables like peas broccoli and tender meat or chicken fingers but if he is tired he only will take puree or soup or similar. Any hints suggestions and how to help him move to eating more normally would be great

    Thanks Jillycat

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  • hi my son is 17 months old and is very quite as in he doesnt speak or make hardly any noise he has 2 words he can say 'jess' and 'shoes' but he also has very bad behaviour and he suffers terribley with tierdness he sleeps 6pm till 8 am and has a 2/3 hour nap a day my brother in law and father in law have a condition where too much light enters there eyes and they have trouble reading and concentrating could it be that my son may have this too as he also has the same milk intolerance as his uncle?
  • Hi Miriam

    I have a 6 month old boy who hates sleeping on his back. It takes ages to settle him in his cot at night have you got any tips on how to settle him without cuddles/milk as I dont want to get him into bad habits. He has a dummy but ideally I want to wean him off of that too. Any advice for either would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou,

  • Well Lara, some babies walk without ever crawling. They go straight from sitting to pulling themselves up to taking their first steps. Nearly all babies find it easier to go backwards than forwards because they have control over their arms before they can control their legs so their arms can push them backwards. In terms of deveoplement their legs have to catch up with their arms. One way to encourage going forward is to place their favourite toy just out of reach so that they have to stretch their hands out to get it and eventually a leg will follow the outstretched arms. Please be patient, crawling is a very complicated movement and your baby's brain has to grow very fast to master it. Please don't get hung up about it.
  • My son sometimes projectile vomits his whole feed (combined breast and bottle). He is now 9 months. When he does it completely saturates me, him and usually the sofa or bed!!! Doctors and HV just say he's greedy but taking 6oz of formula or a 10min breastfeed doesnt sounds greedy to me! He has 2 breastfeeds and 1 bottle of formula a day plus 3 meals.
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