a bit sick of everyone elses opinions - 2nd child due!

Well, we are due our second bubs in just over 3 weeks and our first Max is 2.5 yrs old. He's pretty good generally but is a usual 2.5yr old so has some tantrums and can be a cheeky beggar! He sleeps very well at night and is fully potty trained. I am under no illiusions that this is going to be a massive upheaval for him and we may have some jealous/behaviour difficulties for a while.

However, I am a bit sick of everyone else telling us how it is gonna be when no 2 arrives. Everyone seems to think they know our ways and our child better than we do!

Comments ranging from:
'oh he's going to be fine, he'll be an angel and help you with everything' YEAH RIGHT WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID I wouldn't expect any child to be like this!
'he'll totally regress with his toileting when new one arrives - I don't know why you bothered training him now' - ok he may regress a bit or have more accidents but I am accepting of that and is it really the end of the road!
'why are you trying to train him on a more reasonable time to get out of bed, once no2 is here he'll be getting up at all times when you are feeding' UMMMMMMM no he won't because he needs his sleep, he won't even know I am up feeding and he needs to KNOW that night is for sleeping.

The list goes on - I am well aware this is not goign to be plain sailing and we may well have difficult reactions and things to deal with but why does everyone think they KNOW exactly how it's going to be and that they know better than us????


  • aw people are tools mrs I was sick of hearing oh wait until number 2 comes along hes going to have his nose so out of joint and be really jealous, nope he adores his little brother i was actually suprised and just how much he loves him!!!

    yes he knows that when mum is bfing im a bit stuck so will use this to his own advantage lol but what child wouldn't - grit those teeth girl !!!
  • I don't want to give you another unwanted opinion but we were given a good piece of advice by a mw. She said when lo is born and your son comes to hospital to see them for the first time try and get whoever brings him in to call when they are on the way and then try and put baby in cot and so when your son comes in you almost ignore the baby at first and give son lots of attention and let them go and meet baby in their own time.
    We had it a bit easier as our dd1 is 5 so is in school and also she loves being 'big sister' and has her special jobs of bringing mummy muslins and sleepsuits.
    Also, I'm sure they will anyway, but make sure your friends and family give plenty of attention to max before they go for the new baby.
    You sound like you are well prepared though and i'm sure Max will be a fab big brother.
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