Harrassed in M&S today - very upset!

Well today I went into town, went to M&S for a coffee then went with charlie to use the loo (he was in pushchair) I went to use the disabled loo as the baby change unit has no loo in and the main block of loo's would mean i couldn't take Charlie in. Anyway a lady on a mobility scooter came out and as I walked in she started having a go at me saying ' these are for disabled people you can't use these', I explained that i had no other option, she kept going on and on and then turned around and said ' well i'll watch him for you whilst you go to the normal loo's, there was NO WAY in hell I was going to leave my baby with a stranger, and she wouldn't let it drop and kept teling me to leave him with her she then said ' well im not going to run off with him am i? to which I responded 'I don't know that!

Anyway I went to the loo with Charlie and was shaking like a leaf but when i came out she was waiting for me and had another go at me and continued to follow me around the store having a go at which point i was in tears and got a member of staff, who said it was perfectly fine for me to use the disabled loo's with a pushchair. I spoke to the manager and although she was lovely i am going to take it further. Can i also add there was no one waiting for the loo before i wen in or after i came out and if there had of been i would of let them go in front of me! Grrrrrr, im still fuming and slightly shaken up!


  • Omg what a cow! I think I'd have just told her to f- off! I use the disabled loo if I'm with cole and I need to go to the loo - what else are you supposed to do with a baby in a buggy.

    I bet she thinks its ok to park in p&c spaces though if the disabled spaces are full!

    Hope you are feeling better now
  • Oh hun, you poor thing, I don't know what to say but what a cowbag!
    Must have been horrible.
    I know the scenario, it's the same when I go to try clothes on in a shop, do they really think you would leave your child outside the door?!!!

  • Bloody hell, dont let the old witch upset you. I bet she nicks p&c parking spaces so dont worry about it. Your entitled to use the flipping loo, and no one in their right mind would leave a baby with a stranger - that is a far worse crime than using a disabled toilet!
  • omg how awful. how are you planning on taking it further? do you know the woman?
  • Im going to write a letter to M&S and suggest that they should put a notice on the disabled loo's that its okay for parents with pushchairs to use them as if there had of been i wouldn't have had to put up with that kind of abuse! x
  • I'd have told her to fuck off (wouldn't have starred it out either lol) Don't let her bother you hun, the silly old cow obviously has nothing better to do.
  • Hey hun. I had the same problem in Worcester the otherday. I normally do use disaboed loos with the buggy but their one has one of those laser keys so you cant get in without it. I had to go in the normal block and wee with the door open!

    That woman was out of order! Im sorry to anyone but sometimes I think some disabled people think they own the world because of it. Another thing is that a lot of older people on scooters arent disabled they just cant walk for long distances so they would be fine to use an ordinary loo!

    How are you taking it further? Did you get the womans details?
  • What a horrible woman, especially for stalking you around the store & making the comments about looking after lo.
    I had a similar comment last week out shopping in a big centre, surprise surprise there are no loos in any of the parent&baby areas. This centre does actually do slightly bigger toilet cubicles in a few of the toilets for mum's with pushchairs, which is great, but I have a double buggy (tandem) so there's no way I fit in anywhere but the disabled loos & like you said I'm definately not leaving my kids to go for a wee!!

    I was going in & woman (again on a scooter.!!!) came along behind me as I was halfway in, so I said, "Oh I'll only be a minute"...went & then came out to her & daughter waiting & she said "it DOES say disabled on the door you know!" really sarky, & so I said "I Know but I can't fit anywhere else with my kids" to which she pointed to the baby change & said "why can't you go in there then??" I replied, "I'd love to be able to, but there aren't actually any toilets in there" and walked off to leave her stew!!
    It makes you feel crap doesn't it when there is absolutely no need...would they say anything if they had to wait cos someone else disabled was using it, or if someone just used a walking stick perhaps??? Soooooo annoying! (&don't even get me started on parking spaces!!)
    Sorry to take over your post with my rant, just wanted to let you know you are not on your own! Do everything you can to follow it up.
  • Also how the heck does she not know you're disabled? I get sooooo annoyed with people like this. Our local M&S says disabled and baby changing, and I still get looks, when I'm with my 18 months old and I'm 36 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!! (Okay breathe) xx
  • Crikey, what a psycho! She clearly has some issues going on & was taking them out on you...don't let her get to you but if you could report her for harrassment then I would...My local M&S (in Crewe) has the bb changing table in the disabled toilets as they only have two cubicles anyway. They M&S I went into in Leeds had a wonderfully huge bb changing room with it's own toilet! Wow!
    I went to Trentham Monkey Forrest & the queue for the Ladies was huge & I just went in the Disabled one with my buggy as no one was using it - if a disabled person came along & needed it then fair play they can go before me but I hate it when people queue when a functioning loo is going to waste! lol!
    In my local ASDA mums & buggies always use the disabled loo - there are two doors to get through to for the Ladies & I can't open them!
    I will confess to leaving LO's with strangers in Debenhams in Hanley - their disabled loo was locked & the people I left LO's with were all taking it in turns as they had several buggies & couldn't fit in the loos & I was on my own with the kids! But I wouldn't leave them with a random person - especially a pyscho on a scooter...she deffo has issues, normally everyone coos at bb's...I think she is jealous of your lovely baba.


  • god, im fuming for you! you should have told her to use the normal loos while u looked after her mobility scooter n see how she liked that! im terrible tho, i would have stood and argued with her all day lol
  • I was in BHS a few weeks ago with Lily and was waiting outside the baby change ...door was locked as it is a single change unit with a toilet. Waited ages and suddenly door opens and out pops..... an oldish woman (she didn't look old old if that makes sense!). And she'd left the changing room a bit smelly...I had to spray my body spray to clear the air a bit. I do think some people are a bit cheeky. I thought it was odd as the disabled loo was open and the woman's loos were all open too.
  • how horrible for you, she really must be mad or have nothing better to do.
    frags_jones i love the baby change in m&s in leeds it's so nice, couple of weeks ago i went to my local asda and really need the toilet, couldn't get the pram in the ladies so asked a member of staff to let me in the disabled, and she said no as i'm not disabled i'd just have to leave pippa outside the toilets. I couldn't even get pippa into the toilet area due to the door and no way was i leaving her outside, so just had to wait till i got home, wish now though i had complained as it's not fair or safe, good on you for taking it further
  • Girlinleeds, which ASDA was it? Oh works for ASDA so if it's his I'll give him a bollocking :lol: :lol:
  • Not sure I'd have told her to f off or accused her or pretending to be disabled (wtf??) as in my opinion that would make you just as bad. But I would have done the same as you, ie tell her politely that you're entitled to use the loo, you're not comfortable with leaving your baby with a stranger, and that you'll be talking to the manager of the store about her abuse.

    You poor thing, you really don't need random members of the public giving you grief for no reason :\(
  • I would have been fuming hon. What a rude old bag. She was probably not even disabled just a fat lazy fuck who likes to moan how hard done to she is! (You dont have to be disabled to get mobility scooters). I always use the disabled toilets when Gabe's in the buggy as there's no way I am having him out of my sight and staff have always been fine giving me the keys to disabled loos so it must be well within our rights!
  • People who say we are able bodied are right but, saying it is not a disability to get a buggy in a normal toliet while trying not to pee your pants and control a couple of toddlers is mad!!!!!! how more disabled can you get????

    it makes me sooo mad!!!!!!!

    OK, I understand disabled people need bigger loos to get their helpers in, scooters etc... THAT I am totally with and understand and sympathise (I have worked as a help to disabled people) BUT, to not understand that we cant and wont leave our babies unattended even for a few minutes is just mad!!!!!!!!

    I agree that you should take it further...absolutely. mark and sparks are very good at this sort of thing and I am sure they will take action.

    Disabled loos quite often have the baby change tables in which is great as that means we can use the loo without getting shot down in flames.

    There is a need for a larger size cubicle with a toliet, changing table and small basin for little hands... this could be for parents and child only... tho we would understand if a disabled person had the need to use it as we are nice !!!!

    BTW I would have punctured her tyres...silly interfering cow. She is lucky is wasnt me as I would have made her very sorry indeed to pick on me when I am shopping with kids as I get very wound up very easily...

    Have a cuppa and forget her.....she is in the wrong 100%

    d x
  • I find it upsetting how many people say they would have sworn at her or punctured her tyres, and are saying she's probably not disabled at all, just fat and lazy :\(
  • I find it upsetting how many people say they would have sworn at her or punctured her tyres, and are saying she's probably not disabled at all, just fat and lazy :\(
    I wouldn't have sworn at her or punctured her tyres (though I'd understand if someone did I guess) as that's just stooping to a low level and criminal damage.

    I've got to say though the people who get all uppity (for no reason) about their rights as disabled, are usually the ones who are fat and lazy, and LOTS of people claim disability benefits for being just that! Maybe you should take a walk round Telford town centre and you'd see what I mean lol
  • I find it upsetting how many people say they would have sworn at her or punctured her tyres, and are saying she's probably not disabled at all, just fat and lazy :\(

    I would only have sworn at her if she followed me around the shop! I think following people around harrassing them is probably sufficent provocation to swear at some one.
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