Baby weight gain - Help!

Hi ladies, need some help!

I just got my lo weighed at a mum and baby group and I didn't have my red book with me. I am at my mums at the moment so can't get to it to see where he now is on his centile chart! I am working my self up into a panic as his weight gain has slowed. I last had him weighed at 7 weeks and he was 9lb 13oz. Due to HV retiring and no replacement (!) there's not been a clinic to have him weighed since. Today, 12 weeks old, he weighed 5.52 kg and have converted that online to 12.2 lbs. I can't find where to get the correct ounce, plus can't find an online centile chart! Before 7 weeks he was putting on nearly 1lb per week! Does weight gain slow down after 7 weeks? He is fed a mixture of breast and bottle and seems perfectly content after feeds so I am certain I am not starving him! :\?


  • I plotted him as just above 25th centile xxxx
  • just had a look in my red book 9lb13 at seven weeks would take him around the 9th centile 12lb2 at 12 weeks is also just above the 9th centile . if you put centile chart in to you should find them online

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  • hey,

    5.52kg is 12lb 2oz.

    so, he would have put on 37oz's in 5 weeks......
  • Just looked at my chart and 9lb13 at 7 weeks would be between 9 and 25th. At 12 weeks 5.52kg would be just under 25th so he is actually going up the centiles a bit and doing fine! They do put on a lot of weight initially and it does slow down after the first couple of months. I think at 3 months on average they usually put on around 6oz a week but it can vary. He would let you know if he was hungry so don't worry, xxx
  • so thats just over 7oz a week which is good weight gain! great!
  • Aw thanks all of you! Feel much better now x
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