considering reusable nappys-recommendations + prices please

as ttle says really. we have been speaking about changing to reusables. lizzie is almost 6 months and we are spending a minimum of ??10 a week on disposables! what would you recommend on a cheaper option as i dont have funds for ??500 lay out!! lol, also how many more washing loads a week? and how do i find out about council help as i heard some councils offer help if you use resusables?
thsnks x


  • we have just changed, although we are using the last of our disposables, we have a few pop in of different ranges and some bumgenius, i find the bum genius nicer although we need to pad them out more than the pop ins, we have bought ours all from ebay from ??4-10 each, and figure in the long run it will be cheaper, we are waiting on some from china with funky patterns on rosalie777 has some of them and so far so goo i think x

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  • yup rosalie and myself both both the funky patterned ones off ebay and all seems good so far. you can buy them dead cheap as the put them on auctions alot of the time and often cost 5/6 each. however if you're not too bothered about the patterns you could just go for buying a set. i bought a set of 7, 4 colours with stars and 3 colours with jungle animals for around about 25 pounds so not expensive really, and obviously the bigger the pack the cheaper they get iykwim?

    it depends how often you do washing now and how many nappies you want to buy as to how much extra washing you do. i have 12 nappies but my LO only goes through 4 in a 24hr period normally so i wash every 3 days (she usually has a disposable on on a night as i have a big stash from asda as they were the only overnight ones that fit due to her sleeping 12 hours from 8 weeks! lol) .

    if you google reusable nappy scheme it should give you links to a page that lists all the council and whether they take part or not and who to contact if they do. however you usually have to spend 60/70 before you qualify for the scheme.

    good luck hun xxxx
  • You could try Coolababy pocket nappies if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Bumgenius. We just put in extra stuffing as the insert is quite thin but otherwise they are fab. We got them for just over ??5 each (from babybots) Hope that helps!
  • My favourite for night time are Tots Bots Bamboozle stretchies with an extra bamboo booster and a Motherease rikki wrap. They are really absorbant but take a long time to dry so we only use them at night. For the day my favs are Teddy nappy by Bambinex, they are microfibre so very absorbant but really quick drying and not too bulky.
    I recommend going on The Nappy Lady website its really helpful and if you fill in the questionaire on what your needs are specifically they will recommend which ones would suit you.
  • We use Bambino Mio, they dry really quickly and can be folded in three different ways depending on the age or stage you baby is going through.
    The wraps are really soft and they wash really well too.
    I think we paid ??130 from kiddicare for a birth to potty pack and I have supplemented with more wraps. Thisnk they are about ??8 each. You def get enough inners with the potty pack though.
    You can just buy in stages wich are about ??40 each, but again you would have to buy 2 or 3 more wraps.

    I wash maybe twice a week and have never run out
    I really like them xx
  • thanks for replioes and piggypops for helping me on fb! lol.
    emmy-lees mummy- are the ones you have ??25 for 7 any good? will i need anything extra for these? x
  • hiya. i think they're quite good, and rosalie has the same and seems to be getting on well with them too. they are a one size pocket nappy and come with one insert in each nappy, and as they are a pocket nappy you don't need any wraps to go over them.

    however if you have a very heavy wetter you may need more inserts but i would wait and see how you got on first and whether you do as they can be a little bit expensive if not needed. although someone told me to just cut up an old towel or blanket or flannel etc as they can wrork just as well.

    i did buy a set of reuable liners to put inside mine as they make getting the poop off a bit easier once you have 'proper' (the harder kind) poos as you can just tip them down the loo and less chance of staining the nappy etc but these defniately aren't a requirement, but can be bought quite cheap on ebay also.


  • cool. thanks for everyones help. we are going to try them! piggypops has given me this link and thought i should post it so anyone else wanting to give them a go at ??26 you cant go wrong!

  • we need the extra inserts even in the more expensive nappies, we have some bamboo ones, fleece ones and some flushable ones for poopies, all from ebay relatively cheap x the nappies also have a good resale value too!
  • that's the exact set i have wannababy! we can have matching funky babies lol
  • As people have said, I've bought the ones from China on eBay, and the most I have paid for a single nappy is about ??5.
    We find them really good and don't have any problems. We have to pad them out a bit more but we just use old muslins for that!
    I'd really recommend them, as they are birth to potty, so we won't need to buy anymore. The only put off for me with reusables was the price, but these have allowed me to do it due to them being so cheap!
  • thank you all so much-piggypops you have been a star!
    I have found the fleece liners for extra padding 10 for ??12! and the flushable ones are 2 packs of 100 for ??4.99 in mothercare.
    im getting all excited about nappies! how sad lol!!
  • hahah wannababy i know the feeling. i was soooooo excited when the postie brought my customised wee notions one the other day. 20 quid for anappy is ridiculous i know but i love it! lol
  • if i get on ok with them i might invest in a wee notions for a specail occassion like her birthday,lmao x
  • oooh ive been looking at those exact ones on ebay and wasnt really sure about them, i think ill go get me some now though image

    Where have you found the fleece liners for ??12 at wannababy?

  • I have the bgv3's and also my staple ones the close parent pop in dream dri which I think are fab and dry really quick. Have never tried the cheaper ones on ebay but on another site I know they get highly recommended. We have 20 odd nappies and wash every other day and use them day and night. Haven't looked back since we changed, I love love love them!
  • i found them on ebay too. heres the link (*sits hoping this is the right thing im looking at,lol)

    i was thinking of getting size 2's but cant find them at mo. lizzie is about 17lb now and as the nappies are birth to potty thought size 2's would be better
  • ok last question and i promise to go to bed a happy lady!
    will 14 nappies by ok? lizzie is almost 6 months and uses about 6 disposables a day.
  • omg its a mindfeild of new words instead of pampers! lol
    ok think what i will do is get the ones from ebay. im going to get 2 lots so 14 nappies and see how i get on with them. Lizzie will be going to our parents when im back at work and they will both help with the washing/drying issue too. so going to get 14 nappies, some fleece boosters and then some flushable liners, as we are weaning and poo is too solid to put in my washing machine! lol x
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