Best way to clean washing machine

our wonderful old house is causing us problems and we think there is an issue with pipes under the floor however along with this out clothes are coming out of the washer smelling of old dish water - it is revlting.

How do you clean your washing machine?

I have heard white vinegar but how much do i use or are there a any other ways

Cheers for your help x


  • I've done mine in the past with white vinegar and soda crystals...I've no idea about how much to use, I think I put in about 1/3 of a bottle of vinegar and 1/4 pack of soda crystals - I'm sure that's way OTT but it did the trick.

  • ours really hummed when we bought Josh (18 days) home - my Dad reckoned it was because I usually keep the door shut and it had been really hot.... I read on the net about smell could be caused by bugs/fungus in drum/machine - so we turned the washer up to 80-90 degrees and washed some old unused tea towels to kill any bugs (and shrunk the tea towels!)- the smell went slightly - since then I've left the door open to air it when not using and it seems much better! might help you....

    SE x
  • Your problem is exactly what we had a few months back.... I was shopping in Asda and I saw this Dr Johnson (I think) it was near where all the washing poweders and conditioners are... They do like stain removers and things too... Its like a washing machine service in a bottle but for under a FIVER!!!! It took the smell away and serviced it at the same time now we are smell and problem free!!! image

    Sorry I cant remember the make of this but Im sure it was Dr Johnsons!!! they also sell it in Home Bargains for ??3.00....

    Hope this helps??

    Sarah 32+2 xxx

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  • I am completley lying to you!!!!!!!! Its called Dr Beckhamms!!!! So sorry!! Here is a link for it!!!

    Im sitting here laughing to myself!!!

  • Hiya, has your filter got scum in it??
    Mine is constantly blocked with tissue out of ds1 pockets even when I ask him to empty them first.he says " yes mummy I have".......when in fact no he hasnt lol!!

    Hubby emptied ours and the smell went the next day after a good rinse!
  • hi, i use the old white vinegar and soda crystals trick, put it on a 90???? empty and run it through...try to leave the dorr open when not in use as often as u can as that really helps to keep the smells at bay, plus make sure u clean out ur detergent tray too (i also put the soda crystals and vinegar in there too), and give the rim a good wipe round, od it once every couple of weks and seems to work, plus soda crystals act as anti limescale (like calgon) but much much cheaper, i always put them in with a white wash too as good for lifting stains...might check out that dr beckhams though...x
  • thank you ladies - i have soda crystalled and white vinegared the washing machine - i have put caustic soda down all the drains and things are smelling better - just need to get all the plumbing re done now!

    Will have a look at the website as could do with something for dishwasher as well thankyou x
  • I love using quickshine washing machine descaler, u can get it loads of places, I buy mine in Lakeland. Always find that my washing machine is a lot cleaner & quicker afterwards. If you want a cheaper & more Eco friendly, put a few tablespoons of bic. Of soda in with you usual washing powder & put it on a boil wash will also have same effect.

    Jayne xx
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