It's Christmas Eve!!!!

I can't beleive that Christmas Eve has come so quickly. I'm really excited as it's our first Christmas day that we're staying at home and it's Louise's first Christmas.

This time last year I was getting everything ready to visit my mum for xmas eve, stay there the night, feel ill at the sight of the traditional fry up, then drive to pil, be annoyed because they had no snacks that satisfied my cravings but lots of nuts that I couldn't eat............

This year, i'm sitting on the sofa with my lovely little girl napping on my lap having a chilled out day with guests popping in and hoping my dh wil be able to come home early.

We're going to start a new tradition of opening one present from each other on christmas eve.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and a lovely family day whether it just be 2 of you or many of you together on the day.

Lisa and Louise

x x x

P.s - Cant wait to hear about christmas day but prob wont get to log in until saturday when we're having a chilling day between christmas and boxing day and our 2nd christmas day with pil!


  • Sounds like you are all set for a great Christmas! What does your dh do to be working over Christmas? My oh works for an airline and is working all over Christmas and new year but we will have most of christmas day together.
    We have recently moved to Ireland and don't really know many people so my christmas day will be getting up with Holly and opening presents, making breakfast and then making lunch in the afternoon along with playing with all Hollys new toys (can't wait!) and trying to get our friends and familys on skype lol
  • Sounds like your going to have a lovely day too!

    He's only working today - he works for a company that sells and supports a program that companies use to submit payments (eg direct debits, payrol) to banks. If they're not busy then he'll be finishing early but will still have to help any companies who phone his work mobile. He's off then for the rest of the week and the following week but will have to help any companies who phone for tecnical support.

    The internet is great for bringing people together far live far apart isn't it. I've used msn and my webcam a few times to show Louise to my half sister.
  • Im sure we will have a lovely day, bet you can't wait to have your hubby off for a week! We aren't that lucky as my oh wil lbe working all till Friday night then back in on Monday and he is working all over new year but I don't mind really coz at least I get to see him. He should have been in Afgan this Christmas before he left his old job so it kinda puts it all into presepective (sp) Ok Im rambling now lol
    Have a lovely day tomorrow image
  • Our Christmas Eve is being spent sorting out the lounge & bathing the kids (ok, if I was a bit more organised I'd have split the baths over a cpl of days but we've had loads to do lol)!! I don't mind all the extra work this year as we were in Holland last year (having moved out there Dec 1st!!!) and Christmas was rather 'flat' iykwim.....this year, nanny & grandad (my parents) will be spending both Christmas Day & Boxing Day with us and I think they're as excited about this as our kids are!!!!!!!

    Am really looking forward to tomorrow as well, as Alex (now 21 months) didn't really understand what was going on last year, plus it didn't feel very festive so he's gonna have a ball.....especially as Vicki, Katie & Luke are already hyped up lol Nathan is only 1 month today but he'll b getting a cpl Santa gifts - can't have the others thinking Santa forgot their baby brother!!!

    Hope you all have a really great time!! Merry Christmas to you and your families xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I'm so excited!! I'm sat playing with my gorgeous boy - okay he doesn't understand at 10 months, but I'm loving it! I spoke to my bruv in Australia earlier as its already Christmas day there, just the wee hours. Hopefully hubby will be home soon, if he can get out of work early. Merry Christmas everyone xx
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