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We're off on holiday to a chateau in the South of France in a few weeks. LO will be just over 7 months when we go and we're driving down.

I'm just starting to compile a list of things we need to take and wondered if any of you lovely ladies have any suggestions of things that you wish you'd taken on your holiday or couldn't have managed without that I might not have thought of.

Thank you!


  • Baby Monitor
    Room Thermometer (both just in case)
    Stock of Evian for bottles (just in case you can't get hold of boiled water)
    Baby Suntan Lotion
    Travel gym mat (GOD SEND)
    CDs for car i.e. talking books (for sending them to sleep)
    Fan for the car (in case it's hot)
  • I had a pop up travel cot and it was brilliant. We used it when we went to Turkey and carried it as hand luggage as it's really light and compact. I've lent it to several of my friends when they've travelled too.
  • microwave steriliser bags (Lindam) were great for our holiday recently.
  • Hi Mrs Busby,

    I recently drove to France with my (then) 4 month old. The best thing about driving is you can take everything you need. Here was my list:

    passport! (baby needs their own)
    Sterilsor, brush, bottles, washing up liquid
    formula +cartons for use when travelling
    feeding equipment
    microwave sterilisor bags
    Changing bag, nappies, wipes, cream, babywash
    sleeping bags
    calpol +syringe
    sleepsuits, vests,
    blankets, towels
    shoes and socks
    travel cot
    baby carrier
    chassis + carrycot

    dont forget for driving in France- carry insurance documents, driving licences and proof of ownership inside the vehicle. Also you need a warning triangle and a reflective jacket in the car and it must bear the GB sticker. You are supposed to have headlamp converters aswell.

    Apparently the police often stop English cars coming off the ferry/tunnel to check for these, they are legal requirements. (there are cheap ones on ebay)

    Hope this helps xx
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