Does this sound right?

Does anyone know the ins and outs of tax credits?

My OH and I last year had a joint income of ??24500 and have been told my claims line that we are only entitled to ??4 a week tax credits! We have no other forms of income ie, pensions etc? Does this sound right? I have friends who earn more and get more tax credits than this!



  • That sounds wrong to me. We earned about 29000 between us & get ??18.30 a week. So I think u should be getting more than this

  • nope def doesnt sound right to me!i would appeal!
  • Don't listen to anything they tell you on the claims line...they get it totally wrong all the time! I was also told when I asked if they could give a rough estimate of what we would get that they weren't allowed to give the amount over the phone anymore as often it is wrong. Please don't panic...wait till you get the paper work through.x
  • I agree they dont know anything on the phone.. just wait for the form to come through.

    As a rough guide for you when i had just the one child and hubby was on ??25,000 we would get ??88 per month in tax credits xx
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