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hi moms, my little one was usually sleeping from 7pm till between 7.30am -7.45am having bottle around 8, then he usually has morning nap about 10-12 then an hour in the afternoon around 2-3, however now he has started to wake around 6, usually he babbles away to himself till around 6.30 then we get up, the problem now is he is tired at 8, so i have put him down for his nap, but his routine is out now, dont know if i should let him sleep till he wakes now or should i wake him up after an hour???? he is 5 months old & i am worrying of his routine being upside down when he is waking at different times in the morning it has a knock on effect throughout the day, have been weaning little one aswell, has anyone else had this problem, would just like to have aset routine for his daytime naps, as may have to go back to work soon, someone has suggested he should have 2 hours sleep around lunchtime so he will last the afternoon through and only three quarters of an hour in the morning he has a bedtime routine and goes to bed great but he can get tired around 4 in the afternoon just cant seem to get it right, any suggestions & would love to hear of other moms routines xx


  • maybe he is ready for a little more food
  • You're lucky, my little one is five months and wakes at about 6.45 then doesn't sleep at all all day until i put her to bed at 7. Tehe only way we can get her to sleep in the day is when we walk the dog and go in the car somewhere! As previous post said maybe she is ready for more food?
  • My little one is six months and wakes between 6.30 & 7am she is ready for a nap about 9am and I don't let her have longer than an hour so then she's alert for her next feed. She then goes down again about 12-12-30 till around 2-30. If she's had a full 2hrs in the afternoon then she should get through the afternoon without a nap if not she may have a power nap late afternoon. I put her to bed every night at 7pm. Strangley I've found on the days she sleeps well at nap time she sleeps much better at night. This routine works really well for us. Good luck x
  • thanks for replys, i am increasing his feed, also health visitor suggested to give him his baby rice at bedtime feed, tried that last night but he was too tired, going to try tonight but give it a bit earlier then top up for bed, see how that goes, we are lucky he sleeps in the day edensmum, at least the spring is on its way and us moms can get out with our lo for some nice walks, hope the fresh air helps little one sleep, thanks again xx
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