13 WEEK OLD not feeding


My boy is 13 weeks on tuesday and for this last week he has dramatically dropped his milk intake, i posted a few weeks ago to say that he does not take anything like the amount he should for his weight and decided after reassurance from here to not worry and go on the theory if heis hungry he will eat, however this last week he has really battled his feeds, everyday he takes less and less, in the last 24 hrs he has had only 2 or 3 oz at each feed, he fed last night at 3 and had 3 oz so i thought he would be staving this morning but he has only had 2 oz this morning, he has started crying when he sees the bottle, otherwise he is completly happy, doesnt seem ill or more tired than usual or anything.

It is really worrying me though as he will quite happily go 5 hours plus if i let him and i am worrying that he might get dehydrated, tried offering water but he wont take that either. He is such a big boy at 18lbs already is he getting enough?

Thanks in advance


  • Ive never formula/bottle fed, so not sure how much he should be taking oz wise, but i think if you are worried, then speak to your GP. I know we all worry about being viewed as fussy mothers, but at the end of the day, would you forgive yourself if there was something wrong and it went undiagosed because of feeling shy?!!

    Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

    Em x
  • Hey hon

    This is just what happened for us with Lucas at about 14 weeks. He has finally been diagnosed with silent reflux and put on ranitidine and we had an almost immediate result, although we seem to be struggling again for a few days as I think the dose needs adjusting as he's putting on weight again. I reached the point where the only way I could feed him was while he was asleep and the stress was just killing me. Unfortunately because it took so long I think he has developed an aversion to feeding as he now never cries for feeds...I've actually forgotten what his hungry cry sounds like...

    If it were just about how much he was taking I would say keep an eye on his weight but not to worry too much, but if he seems upset when feeding I would get to your GP and try to nip it in the bud before the aversion kicks in


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