Just wanted to let all those know who have little ones with eczema that my doctor has prescribed a cream for my son that even after 2 days you can see the improvement in is skin. Its called Double base imageand also another cream called Elocon and especially the double base is brilliant, and all those who's lo suffer will know that it is always worse when they have been in the bath well with this one you put it on before they go in the bath ang again afterwards and it stops all the red blotchyness and itchyness, I would say to anyone to try it if they are at their wits end. I was previously using Olive Oil that was helping but unfortunatly was not stopping the itchiness so if anyone else has any success with this cream I would be interested to hear.image


  • Do you need it on perscription? I think my kid is allergic to my dog - he gets a lumpy excema rash come up on his neck, I might give it a try before we do the unthinkable.
  • My lo has a tiny patch on her back and the hv gave me a trial size double base which really helped, she said that if it worked you can get it on prescription.
  • Yes it is prescription only and comes in a bit pump action bottle but its worked brilliantly on both my children and on my youngest you would not think it was the same child his eczema was that bad but speak to your gp x
  • Oh will do, hes sensitive to certain soaps and things and after we go swimming his skin is red and dry the next day but seems to be ok with Oilatum but have noticed the last little while that his neck and side of his face comes up if i've had contact with the dog then picked him up. Dread teh thought of rehoming the dog but at the same time, I had hideous excema as a child and you just got to do what you've got to do!
  • my lo is 18months and weve been using this cream since she was born. its great stuff. if her skin really bad i run a little through her bath water its great. do you ladies get direct care from your chemists. we are able to get it through this which means no presciption.xx
  • Sorry never heard of direct care but our gp is great we can get repeat prescriptions online x
  • thats good. we have to wait a week for an app unless its " an emergency". think thats why they do this direct care saves the time on an app.
  • All this 'if its an emergency' is a joke if you need to see a gp for a baby its an emergency. I always ask when they are booking for and if they say more than 2 days I tell them its an emergency and we have triage nurses who ring you up and discuss the problem with you to see if they can help and if you really need a gp its a good practice really x
  • sounds great. thats what i tell them when i phone. the "nice" lady on the other side will say "do you think its an emergency" and i just tell her its for my daughter. dont see why i should need to discuss my probs with the receptionist when its a doc i want to see.
  • Absolutly, I think its just an excuse to be bloody nosey !
  • lol. your probably right.xx
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