Possible hip problem identified at 8 month check

Hi, hoping someone can offer some reassurance. Hugo had his 8 month check up yesterday and the HV checked the folds on the backs of his legs to check they were in the same place. The fold above his knee on his left leg is about half an inch higher than the fold on his right leg. This is an indicator of potential hip problems. So naturally I decided it would be a good idea to google it to get more information and have found that if there is a problem with his hips, he could be in a cast for up to 6 months??!!

I have made an appointment with my GP who has to properly check it out but just hoping someone could post and say that this happened to them and on further investigation there were no hip problems with their LO??

Pretty please??!!


  • Hi Peeptoe

    At my lo 9 month check up the h.v noticed he had uneven leg creases and told me i must see g.p to arrange hip scan but he had already had one at birth due to been breech but she insisted i still go to g.p.Went to g.p who just checked his result on computer which was fine as i already knew anyway just to say uneven leg creases does always mean a problem he is now 29 months and is fine.fran x
  • Hiya, the LO I used to nanny had congenital dislocation of the hip that was missed initially. It was picked up when she was 8-9mths old. She did have to have small surgical procedure and then was in a cast for approx 4mths and then had a brace for a few mths too. Now I know that prob sounds scary when reading it but please believe me when I say she adapted brilliantly, she could commando crawl accros the floor without any problems in her cast and was as happy as ever. It took her a day or 2 to get used to it but then it never bothered her. We all adapted quickly to caring for her as well. She is now a very lively 6yr old with no lasting effects from her experience. I know it's hard but please try not to worry too much, like the others said it may be nothing but if it is please be reassurred that it isn't as bad as it sounds and any treatment would be for the best.

  • Thanks. i am a natural worrier so of course am imagining worst case scenarios. My GP appointment is tomorrow afternoon so not that much longer before I'm put out of my misery. The HV did say that he seemed to weight bear well on both legs which he wouldn't do if there was any problem - is this true? He is a real livewire of a baby and loves to bounce and jump around on me so wouldn't do this if he was in pain? But do problems with hips necessarily come with pain?
  • I doubt very much he is in pain. my daughter was diagnosed with developmental dysplacia of the hip at birth. in your red book there is actually a page on it. its quite common and its usually identified using ultrasound. my daughter was in a "pavlik harness" for the first 6 months of her life so i know what your feeling. its better for them to treat it (if it needs treating) while the child is younger. anyway, im sure he will be fine image

    good luck with the check up, let us know how you get on.
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