Bath support for a bigger baby???

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As the title suggests, my little podge is over 8kg in weight and is only 3.5 months old - any suggestions as to what to use?

The fabric one she has now is hopeless and she just wriggles down, so the only way for her to have fun splashing is for me to hold the bottom of the support between her legs to stop her slipping. I also have a rotating bath seat but thats for 6 month olds and is for when she can sit unaided - it doesn't feel right to use that yet she's just not ready to be forced "ahead of her time" just because she's bigger.

I looked at the plastic moulded ones which would be ideal but they are for up to 8kg so it's a bit pointless buying one now.

She's always had baths inthe big bath so as you can imagine it's a killer on my back leaning over, washing her and trying to amuse her lol!!!

Has anyone else experienced this and found a better solution?



  • This one says 'until baby can sit unaided' which I guess would be around 6 months, so should be suitable.

    I have seen them in Mothercare, they do a pink version!!

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  • G/c but I used one of the moulded seats with my 2 until they could sit unaided and moved to one of the swivel seats or the aquapod in DD's case. They were both big babies so am sure they'd have been over the weight limit (though I didn't know there was one lol) It's not like you'll be leaving DD in the bath on her own and the seats sucker to the bottom of the bath too. I also tried the one that Maenad mentions and didn't get on with it. Had to have loads of water in the bath to even get them wet and then baby's legs kept floating up so she slid down, looked like something out a comedy sketch!
    HTH a bit.
  • Thanks both x

    Yes the folded seat looked a bit high and on the small side - I did look at that one but she loves to splash about so not sure it would work for her - she loves bath time! lol.

    Maybe I will get one of the moulded ones then if she wouldn't be too squished in that case, will have a look in Mothercare at them tomorrow x

    Having said all this we may be moving house (not seen it yet) and it's apparently only got a shower downstairs and no bath - god knows what I'll do then! lol. Fast forward to toilet training and she'd have to toddle downstairs to the toilet mmmmm, why is life never complication-free!! lol.

    Thanks for the help xx
  • I had exactly the same dilema, there certainly seems to be a gap in the market for this exact stage. We couldn't find anything suitable so we just laid him in the bath, in about 3-4" of water and he absolutely loves it. I would never have thought of doing that, had someone not suggested it but we've never looked back and would urge you to give it a try sometime. HTH xx
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