3hr or 4hr routine at 19wks?

All the baby books say that from four months old, a baby should be on a four hour routine.
My Lo is 19wks and wants to feed every 3 hours taking between 4 and 6oz.
There's no way I can get him feeding every 4 hours without giving him solids in between feeds, which kida defeats the object!

Is it unrealistic to expect a baby to feed every 4 hours?

If it's not how did you make the transisition from 3 to 4 hours?


  • they will do it on their own so dont worry millie was feeding every 3 hours at that age then from about 5 months went to very 4-6 hours cos she was on solilds but u will find when they have a growth spurt they will eat and drink more often and more and when they r ill or teething they may not have much so its always very up and down x x
  • I wouldn't worry too much about what the books say. My lo fed every 4hrs from about 3wks, At 19wks he stopped going 4 hrs and was hungry ever 3 ish hrs. That's how I knew he needed weaned. Even now with some solids he doesn't always go 4hrs between but that's cos I'm just trying to make sure he has enough milk in the day.
    Would take the lead from your lo and not worry about timings. S x
  • I started weaning Louise at 4 months as she wanted to bf every 2 hrs sometimes!

    I think that you need to go with your instincts and what makes your lo happy. If your lo is hungry feed him, you know your baby better than any book!
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