Am I being dim or do buggy parasols simply not work?!

I'm loving the sunshine at the moment, I really am. LO seems to be doing ok with it although is a little off her milk (which is a bit worrying as she wont take water - but that's another topic!).

The reason for my post is to ask if I'm being really stupid with my buggy parasol? We just went out for a short walk into town to pick up some bits and I was soooo frustrated by halfway there!

The parasol takes FOREVER to get in a position that offers the smalles amount of shade from the sun, then of course you turn the corner, or the path angle changes slightly and you have to stop again to reposition. It just simply doesn't seem to work.

I have the M&P Pliko Pramette and the parasol came with our package.

PLEASE does anyone have any tips - whether there's a knack to it, or if there are any better products on the market I could buy?

Thanks from a very frustrated MummyJackson who may just take the car from now on!!


  • They're rubbish. I have a canopy that goes on mine from Mothercare (can't find a link, sorry) which is slightly better.
  • It's not just you, parasols both suck and blow.

    I'm thinking of getting one of these once we move to a pushchair seat instead of carrycot
  • I've got the same pram and the parasol is rubbish! I've got a Rayshade:

    It fits really well on either the pram mode or the buggy mode and keeps the pram really cool - even in the scorching sun! It also keeps the pram quite dark for naps.

  • Nope, I agree! We have a very old pliko and the parasol was lost, so we bought one from Mothercare. We went shopping and to the park on Saturday and spent the whole time stopping to adjust the angle, it really annoyed me.
  • You're not alone. I hate my parasol! It's the flimsiest most annoying thing ever. Everytime I go for a walk, which is a lot, I end up getting frustrated with how often it needs to be repositioned. When it is positioned right it just starts wobbling around as soon as I start walking. :x :x
  • Im planning on buying a canopy one as i never got on with parasols for the very reasons you have mentioned like this one below.
  • i agree and i too have a pliko ,parasol is so crap so we too bought a shade a babe and its fab ,even now at 17 months my dd doesnt mind it at all ,and when were out and she wants a nap it provides enough darkness for her to sleep image i highly reccomend them x
  • parasols are poo! every time u change direction u have to move the sodding thing, v annoying, waste of money! i got us one of these

    not as pretty as the shade a babe, but certainly does the job, machine wasable and v affordable!

  • Phew I'm glad you all agree and didn't say "Duh you're using it wrong!" or something!!
    Thanks Ladybird and Chuffedbaby2, it's good to get recommendations on ones that are compatible and work well with our pram.
    Guarentee soon as I buy something though the summer will be over!
  • We've got a shade-a-babe and they are brill xx
  • They are absolute rubbish! I'm so annoyed I bought one that cost ??30!!!!!! Cuz the sun was on LO and it was the only one the closest shop sold but I couldn't figure out how to get it to shade her properly, so the next time I went out I bought another one! As I thought it was perhaps just the one I bought that was rubbish, but no, both useless, total waste of money!
  • oh parasols are beyond rubbish!

    I'm with LB - bought a rayshade (Summer, Sunshine Kids and Kiddopotamus all same the same one at slightly different prices!) and its fab. Keeps DD really well shaded xx
  • They are rubbish! I can't see past mine! DH is considering getting his circular saw out the garage and taking a few inches off the bottom of it so I can actually see where I am going!
  • Thank god for this topic.

    I nearly ripped the parasol off my buggy yesterday as I was so frustrated with it. I went on holiday last week to Spain and spent 90% of the day adjusting the bloody thing only for it to swing over to one side as soon as I put my hands on the buggy, I ended up attaching the parasol itself to the pram with pegs, and putting a muslin over the front of the buggy too. I will be investing in a shade a babe shortly and may burn the crappy parasol on the BBQ.
    K x
  • I also second the rayshade. I prefer it to the shade-a-babe as when you are in the shade or in a shop its easy to just pull back so you can see lo, with the shade-a-babe its like a rain cover in that you have to stop and undo the velcros and fold it back and its bulky in the hood.
  • No matter how tight I do mine up, it still seems to be wobbly. Plus suddently it falls over, and it's because DS has got hold of it! :lol: xx
  • Hope I dont get shot down for this but I love mine! we have the stokke xploye (sp?)
    its nice and big and its easy to move whilst still walking and stays up with the hood up too which offers even more shade.
    maybve im too easily pleased?! :lol:
  • we are getting a shade A babe too. parasols are rubbish
  • I HATE my parasol. It's a universal one from M&P's and a complete waste of money. It only works if you stay in one place, and the amount of time I have poked passer-bys with it is ridiculous. Grr.
  • I hate, hate, hate my parasol!! It is now gathering dust under the bed. Will be investing in a rayshade, thank you ladies for the recommendation! xx
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