1 year old pregnant

Its quite amazing what sort of things come from Google when you search, for example I have just tried to search for 1 year old development instead I came across this and thought I would share it with you...weird


Now I'll go back to searching for my 1 year old development!!!


  • Some of the comments underneath really made me laugh- can people
    really be that stupid??! Lol
  • That article was so misleading!! Right up until the final sentence they are implying that she was actually pregnant when it was one of those parasitic twin situations - ie she could have been a boy and still been in that situation.

    What weirds me out more was the fact that over 1000 people "liked" it on FB!!!
  • OMG I hadn't read the comments but now I have!!!

    "Wow I cant believe a baby this age is pregnant wow its shocking what God can do to people its just amaizing." [sic!!]

    "menn,this is incredible.a baby having a baby.God has just shown us one of his wonders.im really interested in end part of this 2009 miracle child."

    "It is really pathetic. I know it is real. It is my earnest hope and prayer that God in His mercy will save the lives of both babies. Please Doctors do your best for the Almighty Lord is with you."

    I stopped reading at that point!!
  • lol at the replies you posted charlotteb, i can't believe how some people can be so dense, did they not do sex education at school??? i think my 10 yr old could tell you that thats impossible xxx
  • I'm not going to even read it - the comments are enough to put me off, lol! It is indeed amazing what Google delights you can find when looking for something totally normal! x
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