does it matter?

does it matter that wade only grew 1cm this month? image i'm worried cause now his below the average line on his height not his weight though how much do ur bubs grow every month
wade is 4month 8days old
gio x


  • out here they measure and weigh them every month. at a cost mind you i'm sure they want u to come every month just to get more money out of me. but his also having his injections every month now he had one today .
  • George's height has only been measured twice as well, once at birth and again last week, at that was because I asked them to do it at clinic.
  • Max's height has NEVER been measured! So I wouldn't worry at all!
  • Hugo now weighs 6100 g OR 13 pounds 4 oz. He is in between 50th and 75th centile and kinda goes up and down inbetween the two. He gains around 400 g in 3 weeks, which is not that much but the health visitor said it is all well ...

    As regards his height - he s like a lil string! He is now 65 cm, 3-6 months pjs. And he is on the 98th centile for his height! He jumped like from 75th .....

    So my boy is skinny and tall! But they all say he is totally fine.

    I think that them babies just all grow at their own rates.
  • My lo has only mean measured once - at 11 1/2 weeks, I imagine that thier height slows down just like thier weight. Louise will be measured at around 9 months - I keep thinking i'll ask to get it one but forget when i'm there! lol
  • hi queen bee sorry for delay
    wade measured at 61 cm today
    and as for jabs i lose track of what they are given him
    some off them have 3or4 in one his just today had the 2nd dose of his 1st injection he had done not sure what its for his book is all in bloody greek really pisses me off i don't know what everything says.
  • he can never be arsed too i even ask him to teach me more greek but he doesn't have patients with me image
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