baby monitors?

hey girls,

I haven't bought a baby monitor for when LO is in his cot in the evenings. We live in a 2 up 2 down house so can hear him pretty well when we are sitting down stairs (stairs is open plan and the bedroom door is open) and he is upstairs. I was speaking to my mam and she was shocked I didnt have one. Do you think we should have one?


Emma + Matthew x


  • its down to personal choice really,i have a baby monitor with a sensor mat but thats for my peace of mind,if your happy not to have one then dont buy one :\)

  • if he is sleeping with you in your room i wouldnt buy them just yet. we could hear sam fine from downstairs so didnt bother buying them until he went into his own room for at night when me and oh are out cold lol xx
  • we live in a 2up 2down house and had a baby monitor but to be honest, we hardly ever used it as we could always hear lo. the only times we really used was when we were in the kitchen/utility rooms as these are extended onto the house so cant quite hear when we are in either of those rooms xx
  • we didnt have one, we could hear him quite well and it was another expense which we could do without. But unfortunately a friends baby died of SIDs when he was eight weeks old and after that i became a bit worried and bought a monitor for five pounds off ebay and have it on all the time now. I have found that although i could hear him before, now i can settle him easier if he cries before it is a full on wail!
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